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Hats light Collection by deFORM for Lasvit


Inspired by the industrial lighting and street lamps in European cities, Hats is the new light collection designed by London-based studio deFORM for Lasvit. Reminiscent of the late Victorina bowler, Hats combines the demand for absolute practicality with simplicity of design. It’s transparent coloured glass topper lights the ceiling, while the clear bottom is starkly utilitarian. Hat’s sections are connected by three industrial-style custom screws, paying homage to its original inspiration. Inside, a translucent light bulb softnes and evenly distributes the light. Hats is the ideal designer-light for even the smallest interiors or a perfect unit to combine into groups.

 2-hats-light-collection-by-deform-for-lasvit 3-hats-light-collection-by-deform-for-lasvit 5-hats-light-collection-by-deform-for-lasvit 4-hats-light-collection-by-deform-for-lasvit 6-hats-light-collection-by-deform-for-lasvit

all images courtesy of deFORM