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HattrickWear Augmented Reality Hat

Omar Isaac has unveiled HattrickWear an Augmented Reality hat that comes with an extension to plug-in a mobile device and allow users to interact with phone’s screen and camera via two reflecting prisms. 

Users can easily interact with their devices by gestures, voice commands and screen swiping. HattrickWear also comes with a simple remote control for an easy use.

Conceived as an affordable alternative to google glass, HattrickWear can be extremely useful for security application, sports apps, reliable filming and live telecast, live journalism, creative gaming, advertising, and many more applications that require powerful, instant and uninterrupted computing.

 Omar Isaac and his team is about to launch a Kickstarter fundraiser to kick HattrickWear into production. To find out more about this unique augmented reality wear and join the madness, please visit hattrickwear.com.


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