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Have the Best Quilt Covers for a good sleep in winter

Have the Best Quilt Covers for a good sleep in winter

When we know how much time we spend in our bed, we understand why choosing the right duvet cover is essential. To find the right one, you must first ask yourself what budget you want to give because the prices are very variable. Then, you have to ask yourself the right questions: which size to choose? What material according to your needs or your desires? What style do you prefer? How is it maintained? Etc.

Choosing the right size of Quilt cover

Before buying a cover, you have to find a suitable Quilt Covers Australia. In general, we advise you to let it protrude 20 centimetres on each side in order to have optimal warmth and comfort. For a single bed, we take a duvet cover of 140 by 190 cm, 140 by 200 cm, or 200 by 200 cm. The cost for babies or children is smaller; the sizes 70 by 140 cm or 120 by 150 are therefore reasonably sufficient. For a 140 cm wide double bed, the 200 by 200 cm and 240 by 220 cm are the most suitable. With a 160 cm wide bed, it is generally advisable to take a 240 by 220 cm duvet and cover, or 260 by 240. Finally, if you have a king-size bed, that is to say, 180 cm wide choose a 260 by 240 cm duvet.

What material for your Quilt cover?

The choice of materials is wide for Quilt Covers Australia. This can be cotton, cotton percale (the weaving must be 80 threads per cm² minimum), or cotton satin (from 57 threads per cm²). These three fabrics are soft, comfortable and warm. On the side of natural materials, we also find linen, which has the advantage of having thermoregulatory properties: it preserves heat in winter and freshness in summer. It is also hypoallergenic, absorbent and wicks moisture very well. Flannel is also a good option. Usually made from cotton, it is very soft and warm. Finally, there are synthetic materials, generally polyester microfiber. These fabrics are light, soft, breathable and wick away moisture. You can also have several duvet covers of different materials. Bambury offers the best Quilt covers in Australia.

 Have the Best Quilt Covers for a good sleep in winter

What are the different shapes of Quilt cover?

Quilt covers from Bambury can have different shapes. The first is the bottle shape. There is a flap at one end, which allows it to be tucked into the end of the bed. This is advantageous since it will enable the quilt to stay in place better, especially for children, who tend to move a lot in their sleep. Otherwise, there are also Quilt covers that do not have this shape and close at the end with a zipper, snaps or buttons. In any case, it is easier to open them when you want to put your sheets to wash. While the zip may have a cold touch to your feet when you get into bed, the buttons don’t have this problem. However, they can be pulled out more quickly. Quilt covers that close at the end have the advantage of keeping the down securely in place, but it will be less easy to tuck them in. It’s up to you to see what is most important to you!


Whether you are a man or a woman, a child or a young adult, opinions are generally the same and show that everyone pays particular attention to the choice of their duvet cover.

When it comes to buying a new one, everyone gives their opinion. A child will opt for the duvet cover bearing the effigy of his cartoon heroes, while a teenage girl will direct her choice to sets more representative of her personality. If you want to buy the best Quilt Covers Australia, then Bambury is the place for you.