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Healthy Living: Rectify Water Leaks and Keep Your Home Mold Free

Healthy Living: Rectify Water Leaks and Keep Your Home Mold Free

Molds are micro-organisms that grow both outdoors and indoors. Outside, they complete the ecosystem. Indoors, they make life terrible and can lead to serious health issues. Mold grows in the dampest, darkest areas. They’re both a cosmetic problem and a contributor to health complications. You may thus need immediate intervention by mold clean-up services. 

Mold is dangerous: Some forms of mold cause severe illnesses. These toxic molds might cause symptoms such as; mental impairment, cancer, internal organ damage, and bleeding. 

You can make your home healthy by ensuring that all water leaks are taken care of. Besides, you can ensure the carpets are well placed and many other repairs that you can undertake to ensure your house is healthy to live in. Besides, you can consider a healthy homes builder for the best. 

Rust and Musty Smell

Rust is a sign of excessive moisture in your home. The excess moisture gives the area the main requirement for mold growth. Thus, rusty areas signal developing mold, and mold clean-up services must be conducted without hesitation. 

Another sure sign of mold growth is a strange and hostile odor in your house. The smells get stronger as the mold growth becomes severe. Thus, it would help if you looked for moldy smells, especially in damp areas within your house. 

Bubbly walls

Be sure of mold infestation when you notice bubbles forming on painted walls. The bubbling mostly occurs in moist areas. If you notice any bubbling areas in your bathroom, near windows, and the basement, contact professionals right away. 

Anytime you notice mold infestation signs such as bubbly walls, rust, and musty smell in your house, use DIY mold removal tips or contact professionals immediately. They will help you manage unusual and unhealthy conditions. 

 Healthy Living: Rectify Water Leaks and Keep Your Home Mold Free

Water Damage

Water damage can indicate that there might be mold in your house. The moisture can create a good condition for the development of mold. Thus, it must be taken care of as soon as you notice water damage.

These are signs that can help you notice it; 

  • It has a musty odor.
  • The affected area is close to a source of moisture but less light. 
  • You notice cracking or warping of the surfaces it is growing on. 

Mold begins as a mere spot that proliferates. Typically, you can notice it early on except when it’s in a location that’s out of sight. Mold can be white, black, spotted, or any color. It may look cottony, powdery, or velvety.

Besides, many other signs show mold might be why the recent unhealthy living in your home. It may be hard to tell in most cases, but a close look will always reveal that mold is infesting. See the section below to know what you will need to do.

What can be done immediately? 

You can call healthy home guys too to inspect your home. They will find out about areas that require immediate repair and areas that might be affected by leaks, mold, and any other defect. Besides, do not forget that mold can grow outdoors. Thus, the experts will tell where there might be mold and will help eradicate it. 

There is no need to wait until people living in that home start experiencing endless illnesses due to the unhealthy living conditions created by the mold. Therefore, it is ideal to have any house repairs conducted in time and any other aspect that needs fixing done as soon as they are noticed. 


The goal is to live in a healthy home. Thus, you should make sure you keep this in mind every time you are inviting a professional to check or inspect any issues. They can help you live a healthy life in your home as long as you reach out to them early enough. Anytime you notice any of the above-stated signs, contact mold clean-up services immediately. 

The sooner you rectify the problem, the better. As a rule, never let mold grow for months. It’ll make life unbearable, and everyone who resides in that house may suffer from serious health complications. Thus, it is suitable to spend a lot on fixing any problematic areas of your home before they pose serious health dangers to you and everyone else who lives in that house.