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Home Addition: How to Make an Extra Room In Existing Space

New kitchen home extension

Renovating your home before relocating is the best way to personalize it or to make it perfect according to your family’s needs. Make some additions according to your needs and requirements. When you invest your time and energy in a project, it will pay off in the best way when it adds extra square space. If you find yourself limited in space then before you hire NYC moving companies to relocate, consider renovating or remodelling your home. If you are looking for creative ideas to add more space to your existing space then have a look at these: 

Addition of a second story 

Adding an extra story is the best way to increase the space. Though adding second storage is expensive but the added space is worth it. Before you embark on this project, pay attention to the foundation’s strengths. 

Repurpose the wasted areas

The corridors present in your home can be treated as storage goldmines if utilized in the right way. You can create cabinets into your wall cavities to amplify the organization to no end. These can be used to store tons of materials present. 

Get more storage in your garden

You can easily free up the interior space by adding some storage options to the garden. Sheds or summer houses can be used to store several items such as kid’s cycles or bicycles. 

Adding on above the garage

If you love the location and don’t want to leave your current place but it has become too tight in space considering family needs then using this idea is a good way to go. It allows you to have an extra bedroom or an additional room that can be used in any way according to your needs.

Create a beautiful and charming outdoor living room 

You can create a feel of a room with the help of garden walls outdoor. These walls can be made up of greenery, stone, or anything else with your creative ways. For furnishings, you can add chairs or other furniture items to it. 

 Home office with large desk and birch shelves

Expand the outdoor living space

You can expand the outdoor space by adding a balcony. Some of the other options are adding a deck or a sunroom. The cost of it will be less than that of the room expansion while giving you the advantage of creating a connection with the outdoors. 

Main floor expansion 

This is the most common way of adding an extra room to your home. Careful planning is required to add additional space. In this project, usually, the outdoor existing exterior walls have been removed that frame the new space. According to the property needs, adding a roof or wall blends up the space seamlessly.

Enclosed is the backyard patio 

If you enclose the existing patio then it won’t only increase the living space that you will use all-around year but also helps you to enjoy the outdoor weather and ambiance. The method is cost-effective and there is no disruption to the other parts of the home. 

Revamp the home entry by using the front porch 

Using a glass wall that faces the outdoor garden brings in the outdoor space effectively. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal. This extra space created can be used as a new sitting room, home office, or anything else. 

Turn garage into a home office 

Get rid of all the unwanted stuff present in your garage and divide the garage rooms into zones and use them for several purposes. Consider adding a desk and necessary items that create a space where you can work in peace. These days, most people are working from their homes, therefore, it is essential to have home offices. If you don’t have enough space inside your home then consider a garage for it. You can also use it in several other ways like an additional room for a pool party, playroom, entertainment room, and so on. 

Wrapping it all up

These are the several ways to create more living space in your home. Use the above ideas to create extra room. You can add comfort and functionality when you create more space with the renovation ideas. You can also make it comfortable for your growing family to meet future space needs.