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Home Maintenance Checklist for New Homeowners In Los Angeles

Home Maintenance Checklist for New Homeowners In Los Angeles

Owning a house in Los Angeles can be a big responsibility. And things get real messy when you have to do the entire maintenance work. Plus, without proper care, things might start to fall apart and the house can look like a disaster.

But fret not, we have come to the rescue with our home maintenance checklist for new homeowners in Los Angeles. Now, you don’t have to feel lost. Instead, you can check off the items from this list.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it:

What Things to Maintain? Timely Basis

You can get help from many locations to maintain your house. For instance, you can go to the website of mold removal Los Angeles for different maintenance facilities. But you need a list to map the process.

And since you might not know all the requirements down to detail, we have done the work for you. Additionally, we made 3 separate lists for LA homeowners based on a schedule so check them out with us:

Monthly Checklist

Owning a home can be a big headache because of all the bills that show up now and then. From repairing cracks in the wall to the leaks in pipes, it can be quite a chore.

However, all these works can be minimized by simply keeping all in check every month. But the question is what do you keep in check?

Well, here’s the list of work you need to perform every month:

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems

HVAC systems are quite important, and they need to be checked monthly. Why? Well, the air filters tend to get dirty from constant use.

Now, if the filters get too dirty they will clog up. And stops the air from flowing smoothly, by creating a blockage.

So, do tend to it every month. Clean the filters that can be reused and dispose of the one-timers.

Plumbing Tasks

One more factor that creates a problem now and then is the plumbing system of the house. You never know which pipe might start leaking. And if they ever do it will stink up the entire house.

Thus, it’s always a smart idea to check the pipes for any leaks. Plus it’ll save you a ton of water if you find where the leaks are located, in case there is one.

Paint Caulking

Thirdly, pay heed to the caulking near the window or above the baseboard. It never looks good when there’s a crack or breaks in the caulking.

If your guests notice them they’ll get the impression that you do not take proper care of the house. Hence, do check on them every month.

 Home Maintenance Checklist for New Homeowners In Los Angeles

Smoke Detectors

At the same time, replace the batteries of the smoke detectors. They often tend to wear out, so it’s always a good idea to change them when needed.

Otherwise, a disaster may strike, and you’ll never find out. No one wants that, right?

Seasonal Checklist

One more point to pay attention to is the seasonal maintenance check. Every season leaves behind its dent when going away.

Thus, it becomes crucial to have a look at the entire house at the beginning of a new season. But where should you be looking? Well, have a peek at our list to know about this:


At the beginning of spring have a look at these items and check them off one by one:

  • HVAC System – You might use the air conditioner from time to time during this season, so get it checked by a professional beforehand.
  • Terrace – Winter can be hard on the roof so have it checked during spring.
  • Blocked downspouts – The snow during winter can block out the gutters and downspouts, so it’s always a good idea to have them checked.
  • Outlet seals –The doors and windows take a toll from being closed all winter. So, do check up on them once the springtime comes.


During summer, you should check the following items:

  • AC – Since you’ll be blasting the AC all summer long, it’s a good idea to have it checked.
  • Decks–The spring rain can take a toll on the decks and porches. Thus, it’s always better to get it checked during summer.
  • Foundation – Summer is the perfect time to inspect the foundation for cracks. If there are some cracks then make sure to have them fixed.


At fall, you should pay heed to the following factors:

  • HVAC System – You should get the professionals to have a look at it before the winter.
  • Fireplace – You should have the fireplace cleaned up to stay warm and cozy during winter.
  • Gutters – Clean the gutters before the winter, as snow jams the way.
  • Doors And Windows – The caulking around the windows and the weather stripping around the doors need to be inspected to prevent cold air from getting inside your home.


Lastly, during winter have a look at the following issues:

  • Roof – Ensure that there is no crack through which snow can enter the house.
  • Basement – Make sure that the basement can handle all the water problems created during winter.
  • Pipe outlets and vents – You can prevent the pipes from freezing, but they get blocked by snow. So, make sure you check them during winter.

Yearly Checklist

In the end, always do yearly maintenance. This covers up most of the ground and things normally do not go wrong if you take care of the house every year.

So, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Pump out the septic tank (if you own one)
  • Lubricate garage doors
  • Dry out the water heater
  • Look out for termite damage
  • Clean the clothes dryer exhaust

Parting words

Well, that’s our checklist for home maintenance for new homeowners in the Los Angeles area. But did you feel like we left out some stuff?

Well, if you feel like it let us know what got left out. Other than that, we’ll say our goodbyes now. See you in our next blog. Adios!