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Home Office Design Trends for 2022 

Bright home office with small waiting room

Even before the pandemic, a lot of people liked working from home. But now it seems more and more people are enjoying the benefits of remote work. Of course, you need a dedicated space for this, commonly known as a home office. And to maximize your productivity, you may want to set it up or redecorate it. We bring you the freshest home office design trends for 2022.

Standing Desks

We have all heard how dangerous it is to spend too much time sitting. It hurts your back and your general health. While stretching from time to time is still advisable, the best way to deal with this issue is to simply purchase a standing desk.

Standing desks can be adjusted to suit your height, so you may use them standing or sitting. If you already have a great desk and don’t want to change it, you may simply buy an add-on, that turns any desk into a standing desk. There are various options, with mouse pads and keyboard placings, for one or two monitors, etc.

Smart Storage

Smart storage is another great way to maximize your space in a tiny home office. Smart storage desks allow you to use the space under your desk as storage when you are not working, and it gives you another surface when you need to do your job. These pieces of furniture can really help if you and your partner share the office.

Modern Design Sound Isolation

A home recording studio is a great option for any musician, Youtuber, or podcaster. You need to isolate the room for two reasons. One, you don’t want to bother your neighbors or roommates. Two, you need the sound to be perfect, and echoing in an empty room doesn’t help.

When it comes to the design of your home recording studio, you can play around with patterns and colors. Strategically placing the isolation pads in different colors can look cool and give off the artistic vibe. It will certainly help boost your creativity.

Smart Cable Management

Having all the cords and cables lurking around your home office creates a sense of a cluttered space. This doesn’t help your creativity or productivity. Modernize your home office with smart cable management.

There are different designs and products to help with this. You can buy cable management tubes, trunkings, and various other organizers. Then you just neatly tuck the cables away and the space will look brighter and cleaner.

 Home office with drawing board for illustrator

Organize Your Papers

If you follow the cleaning and organizing scene on various platforms, you have probably noticed that there are many containers and organizers you can buy cheaply. There are desk organizers, wall organizers, cardboard, wooden, and DIY options to choose from. Prevent your desk from looking messy by organizing your papers and supplies.

Add More Plants

Plants look nice and they are practical. Plants are natural air cleaners and some even require very little watering. Another benefit, say the scientists, is that they increase your concentration.

Include several strategically placed plants in your home office design this spring. It will freshen up the space, making it look bright and lively.

Include Inspirational Art

Images and pictures are a nice decoration for any space. But in an office setting, you may want to include inspirational pieces. For example, you can use quotes in form of pictures in frames or find art that connects with you on a deeper level. Another option is to use artwork that has a personal significance or meaning and inspires you to work harder and be more productive. Or you can simply select photos or paintings that look nice to you.

Color Combinations

When it comes to decorating your home office, there are many choices to make. Trends change, so choose something timeless if you don’t plan on redecorating every now and then. We will cover here the emerging trends in 2022.

All in Whites

Having a completely white home office is an exciting option. It brightens the place and is the way to go for small spaces. This creates an illusion that the office is bigger than it really is. Strategically place a few wooden elements throughout the room to break the monotony.

White color is great to stimulate your brain. It is effective in helping you pick up the pace and finish all the tasks you have for the day. White decor helps you stay focused and productive.

Pastel Colors

With pastel color combinations, your brain is soothed and your anxiety can be reduced. Combined with the green plants, you can create a relaxing working oasis. If you don’t want your space to look dull, you may add a brightly-colored item here and there. Don’t overdo it, as pastels are soothing only if not mixed with many different colors. Two or three tones are just right.

Keep It Black

This is probably the biggest trend right now. Keeping your office all black or dark grey is very interesting, as it leaves a strong first impression. It is also much easier to clean, as stains and dirt are less visible.

The thing is, if you are not into it, the dark space may feel claustrophobic a bit. It may also be less conducive to work. You can way your options here, and maybe choose one portion of the room to be a statement wall. Then add a dark desk and you can still keep the stimulation while having a trendy home office.

Home office design trends change and so do you. In time, you may grow out of it and need a change. That is perfectly normal, but it doesn’t mean you need completely new furniture or to repaint everything. Sometimes, all you need to do to change the scenery of your home office is to redecorate. And you can do that easily and without spending a ton of money.