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Hospitality Design Trends for 2022 

Hospitality Design Trends for 2022 

Experts have to keep an eye on the future in any industry. Given the numerous changes in the hospitality sector over the past few years, things may seem less predictable than ever. However, some trends are sticking around. Design professionals can count on these design trends for 2022 to create unique plans for clients who want to invest in projects with longevity.

Rooms With More Technology

There’s no question that people look forward to the latest tech advancements. They want life to feel as effortless as possible, which is where technology can help. Guests can order room service from their phone, charge their electronics on wireless pads and close their curtains with the press of a button.

High-tech hotel rooms will attract more guests. Any advancements that remove stress and streamline typical activities will maximize a property’s booking potential. Plus, it gives people an escape into a more high-tech future — the accommodation becomes a destination itself.

Sustainable Design Materials

People will research hospitality brands that publish sustainable mission statements. If they discover guest suites don’t support those claims, they’ll lose all trust. Room descriptions could include information regarding what went into the interior design, like sustainable fabrics.

There are many sustainable fabrics to choose from when picking everything from bedding to towels. Recycled cotton is budget-friendly, while hemp requires very little water to grow into fabrics. Little signs on bedside tables that also point out sustainable room materials will impress guests who want a greener future for 2022.

 Hospitality Design Trends for 2022 

Individual Dumbwaiters in Suites

More people than ever are focused on who’s around them. As flu season comes and goes, more guests may prefer staying in their rooms. They’ll have a much more pleasant experience if they have a dumbwaiter at their disposal.

The small elevator can carry food from the kitchen to their room without a staff member bringing it upstairs. It can also transport a guest’s laundry directly to the washroom or get luggage to a suite without using a shared elevator. It’s an investment in every guest’s well-being because it gives them more options to personalize their visit.

Additional Greenery as Decor

As more people become environmentally conscious, they also appreciate nature more. Incorporating more greenery into decor renovations or design plans will welcome guests into hospitality spaces with more life.

Faux greenery is also a welcomed sight to travelers. It’s easier for team members to manage because they only have to dust them occasionally. Silk flowers can add bright colors to guest suites, in-house dining areas and even conference rooms. Their popularity has only continued to rise in residential and commercial spaces.

Extra Space for Wellness Activities

Wellness trends are an international fascination for people of all ages, but people in the U.S. are especially into them. The U.S. pulls in $52.5 billion annually, making it the largest wellness market compared to other countries. Guests will love hotels that merge comfort with these interests, so design experts can add extra space for healthy activities.

Guests could attend yoga classes at a rooftop studio or spend time meditating in a small park on the property. Whether these things are amenities or available for an extra fee, people will appreciate wellness perks that make their visit an opportunity to invest in their health.

Hospitality Design Trends for 2022 

Work-Oriented Amenities

Travelers shouldn’t feel stressed about being around strangers if they need to go on a work trip. Instead of feeling pressured to spend time in a conference room where other people have spent time, they’ll prefer to book a room with hospitality brands that provide work-oriented amenities in guest suites.

Designers can include lighting features on desks for anyone who needs to join a video conference while they’re away from home. Headphones that come with their room can help them listen in to calls, and extra laptop chargers could save the day if they leave theirs at home.

Anything that lets guests continue their work while staying on a property will be a significant bonus for travelers. It’s a vital hospitality trend to consider because it would help more guests long term if the technology remains up to date.

Hoteliers and design teams can discuss these popular hospitality design trends when considering future projects. Guests will appreciate brands that recognize their interests, like sustainability, utilizing their private space and staying healthy away from home.


Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated. Her work focuses on interior and architectural design and has been published by Build Magazine, the National Association of REALTORS and other online publications.