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Hotel André Latin, Paris

Sébastien Véronèse

Located in the heart of the ‘Quartier Latin’ close to the Luxembourg gardens and the Pantheon, in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris, the Hotel André Latin opens its doors to the public once again after many months of renovations, unveiling its fabulous new world.

The hotel has been influenced by the Belle époque, in the honor of André, the grandfather and the founder of the establishment, a famous dandy of the 19th century. Fabien and Guillaume Sodano reinvented their hotel based on the codes extracted from that iconic era, with a modern twist and a friendly and welcoming environment, full of elegance and authenticity.


The new cocktail bar André Latin welcomes visitors into an immersive world, a ‘home sweet home’ filled with 34 seats, including a terrace directly accessible from the street. The warm atmosphere that prevails is partly revealed by a clever combination of comfortable sofas in luxurious tweed, marble bistro tables, mirrors, Art Deco illustrations and furniture from the 50’s. The bar perfectly reflects the spirit of the Latin Quarter and welcomes all generations, in this unusual place.

The creative energy for this project has firstly been focused on the ground floor and it comprises four distinct areas: the lobby with a concept store and reception desk, the living room and the bar. The general redevelopment was conceived from floor to floor, detail by detail.


Local interior designer Michael Malapert has been working to revive the soul of the André, inspired by the origins and history of the dandyism from the 19th century. This approach was born by stimulating fusion between the codes of a historical time to those of contemporary artistic values.

The purpose of the aim of the exercise was to create a dynamic dialogue between the two worlds, to spread a poetic message, capturing all the charm of this place that had many lives. Some original walls were protected to uphold the heritage of the building.

The furniture is designed from 50 legendary blueprints using only noble materials like marble, brass, solid wood, beveled mirrors, alongside the wallpaper graphics, while the black and white ceramic paving accompanies the lighting fixtures by Gubi and DelightFULL facing the «bistro» tables and the seats covered with Kvadrat.

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all images © Sébastien Véronèse