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Hotel Bachaumont by CHZON, Paris

Paul Bowyer

After 3 years of work, Hotel Bachaumont, a 4-stars hotel in Paris designed by Dorothee Meilichzon has finally opened its doors. Located in the Montorgueil area, this 1900 building offers 49 rooms all created in a very Parisian style. “The idea was to put a fresh twist on classic Paris chic and create a contemporary hotel that’s true to its city and neighborhood,” explains Dorothée Meilichzon.

The lobby’s impressive Carrara marble floor, Parisian carpentry, moldings, arches, mirrors reminiscent of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles and bas-relief logo on the walls set the tone: An elegant, refined and warm space bathed in light.


The architectural motif taken from the building’s main door has been updated to adorn the floor, carpets and is printed on the bedside tables. The ground floor, bar, and restaurant have been designed to bond with the street and Parisians. The deeper you go into the hotel, the more intimate you get as you get closer to the bedrooms.

All the furniture has been custom made such as marble and premium wood desks, headboards (fabric by Frey, a local institution on Rue du Mail), counters, bedside tables, retro wall lamps, Stilnovo lighting, a medley of Art Deco inspiration.


The 49 rooms in five categories have been based on four color combinations. The large and light bathrooms pay tribute to the Roaring Twenties with their vintage taps and lavish tiling. The balconies and terraces in some rooms have magical views of Paris’ rooftops or the glass roof. 4 suites on the top floor are named after local streets: Montorgueil, Montmartre, Louvre, and Bachaumont, designed as artist studios.

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all images © Paul Bowyer