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How And Where To Store Things You Don’t Use But Still Love

How And Where To Store Things You Don't Use But Still Love

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Every household has at least one room, closet, or storage space that is full of things they don’t use but still love. This has become a significant issue as storage space is limited and crowded with things we may not use but still love. This article will provide solutions to how we can put those unused yet loved items away and out of sight so they do not take up our valuable space.

Using the garage as a storage space

If your home has an attached or detached garage, this would be the best place to store all of those things you don’t use but still love. The two most common items that fit into this category are holiday decorations and lawn tools. Other items could be bikes, an old TV, and even a spare refrigerator. Not only will these things not take up any space in your home, but you will also have them readily available the next time a holiday or barbecue comes around. Additionally,  your garage is a much safer place to store these things in case of any potential damage from the elements.

Rent a storage unit

If you have a room, closet, or even an attic that is just stuffed full of unnecessary items then it’s time to call up your local storage space company and inquire about the available units. With all of those things you don’t use but still love now out of your house, if they’re not in storage then you can finally use that “wasted” space for something meaningful. Renting Cheap Storage Units is the perfect solution because there are different sizes available. If you only have a few items to store, then choose an S-class or compact unit. However, if your house is full of things you don’t use but still love, then opt for L-or XL-class storage space.

Use under the bed containers

If you’re looking for a cheaper and more compact storage solution, then consider using under-the-bed containers or totes. There are many available at your local department stores and they come in various sizes and colors. These containers will be able to store many of your smaller items such as board games, small toys, and old books. If you’re looking for a more compact and convenient storage solution, then consider getting something like Bed Storage Chests for Kids for your children’s rooms. These will allow you to store all of the smaller items right under their bed, eliminating the clutter on other surfaces in their room.

 How And Where To Store Things You Don't Use But Still Love

Use the back of doors as storage space

It is very common for most people to hang up all of their jackets in the closet when they get home. However, when you do this, you are limiting the number of jackets that can be hung because there is nowhere else to put them. When you have way too many jackets for your small closet, try hanging some of them on the back of your bedroom door. If you have no doors in your room, then try hanging jackets on hooks or buying some cheap sliding closet doors. Also, if you have too many clothes for your small bedroom closet, try using baskets on shelves to store your out-of-season clothes or things that do not fit into the dresser.

Use storage ottomans

Storage ottomans are also great because you do not need to dedicate a large amount of space to them. They can be used as extra seating when you have guests over or even storage containers under your coffee table. There are many colors and stu=yles you can choose from when it comes to storage ottomans so they will look great anywhere, but if you don’t like the way it looks, you can always retie the ottoman to make it look different. The hidden storage space that these ottomans provide is very convenient–these can be used to store extra blankets, pillows, and even dirty clothes.

Use the walls around you

If you want to hide things behind closed doors, then this would be a great opportunity to use that wasted space on your walls. You can buy wall-mounted shelves and brackets that will allow you to store large items like shoes or even picture frames without taking up any floor space. If hanging shelves don’t work, then try hanging picture frames on the wall to make it look like you have more artwork. The critical thing here is to think outside of the box and use some creativity. However, this is an easy way to make your room look more put-together in a short amount of time.

Conclusively, there are various ways to store things you don’t use but still love. These can be anything from clothes and shoes to old picture frames and even knick-knacks. These storage ideas will allow you to hide your things in a way that will not ruin the aesthetic appeal of your room. By choosing one of the options above, you can make sure that you do not waste any valuable space but still keep the most valuable items.