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How Can a New Boiler Help Your Home?

How Can a New Boiler Help Your Home?

Having a new boiler installed in your home may have a number of benefits. When you next plan on redesigning the look and feel of each room, you might want to consider the ways that a new boiler might complement these changes. On top of this, a new boiler may fit much better within a modern design plan. After all, there may be no point changing the paint and furniture in a room if you then need to deal with an outdated boiler.

Cost of Installation

There are a number of costs associated with home design. If you have started a savings pool for these, you might want to think about including a new boiler within this, so that all work can be undertaken in one go. The cost of installing a brand new boiler may differ depending on the type of boiler you want, as well as any additional specifications. You may be able to use this installation time as a way to also have smart meters and controls added too. This could allow you to modernise each room, and even allow you the function to adjust your thermostat remotely. Different engineers may also charge different prices, so looking into the services available in your area, and comparing quotes, can greatly help with making your home that bit more modern.

 How Can a New Boiler Help Your Home?

Greater Efficiency

Having a new boiler in your home can help to reduce your gas usage through greater efficiency. You can usually find out how efficient a boiler should be through the boiler efficiency sticker often found on the paperwork, or even on the boiler itself. Many older boilers may have a lower rating, such as F or G, which indicates that more gas may be used for each operation. Contrasting this, new condensing boilers may have an A class rating, showing that less gas can be consumed, and that empty cycles are less likely to take place.


When you have a certain aesthetic that you are going for in your home, your older boiler may simply not fit into this. Unlike a few decades ago, boilers now can come in a number of styles, and even colours. For those who really want their appliances to match their overall design, this can be quite a welcome change. While this may not be much of an issue for those whose boiler is usually hidden behind panelling, or even in its own cupboard, some may have their boiler on show at all times. Making it fit in more with designs can allow it to feel like less of an eyesore, and more of a deliberate style choice.

Installing a new boiler in your home can be a good way of helping it to have a more modern feel. On top of this, saving yourself money on both household bills, and the potential repair costs that may crop up with older models, can also be quite welcome.