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How Can Outdoor Advertising Boost Your Promotional Campaigns?

Outdoor advertising has been in existence in the US since the 17th century, and its modern form came from the influence of theatres and circuses. It was first introduced in the 1920s with tobacco advertising. Today, outdoor advertising is a vast industry with a market value of $8.4 billion.

Advertising helps in building brand image, goodwill, and profitability. Frequent repetition leaves a massive psychological impact if you make use of the right outdoor advertising tool. In 1999, OAAA (Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America), imposed a law on content control, and since then, the outdoor advertising formats have not been used to promote cigarette brands.

Let’s understand how and what type of outdoor advertising can boost your sales and generate more revenue.


Billboards are large posters displayed on the roadside. The purpose is to capture the attention of the passersby and people commuting in vehicles in traffic areas. Different types of billboards can boost your promotional campaigns and convince the customers to make impulsive purchases.

Static Billboards: This form of OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising is mostly found on the roadside. It is a subtle and soft marketing strategy that doesn’t have to be aggressive.

Mobile Billboards: These are usually in a graphic format and can be seen on buses, vans, trucks, or mobile vehicles. It is one of the popular forms of advertising and is cost-effective as well. Its primary purpose is to capture your attention when you least expect it. You can easily find numerous mobile billboards when you are driving on the road and in traffic areas.

Digital Billboards: New York City – Times Square is the most sought-after location for the loud digital billboards for advertising. It is one of the notable forms of outdoor advertising that attracts customers’ attention and has a good impact on your brand identity.

Interactive Billboard: It is one of the trending outdoor advertising strategies that allow your customers to engage. It helps in garnering customers’ attention and boosting sales to a larger scale. 

For instance, Drinkable Coca Cola ads were the best interactive billboard ads. Coca Cola partnered with shazam to allow users to record TV or radio ads that would display an ice glass image on the user’s mobile screen. 

When the ads were played, the user’s phone would use shazam to listen to the coke’s ad while pouring in the glass. Once the glass was full, the users received a coupon that allowed them to get a free coke at any retail outlet across the US.

Augmented Reality Billboards: It is based on virtual reality, where the customers can virtually try products before purchasing them. IKEA was one of the first AR ad users. The customers scanned the virtual furniture catalog through their phones and checked whether a certain piece of furniture would fit their real-life space. AR sparks interest in the customers and makes them buy products spontaneously.

 How Can Outdoor Advertising Boost Your Promotional Campaigns?

Point of Sale Merchandise

You may find the point of sale displays in retail shops or supermarkets near the payment counters. They are purposefully placed there to induce buying products you don’t even know whether you need. Their placement creates a psychological impact on your mind, and you tend to get lured with this advertising trick.

Transit Advertising

Around 385,400 people commute in trains daily, and a total of 5% of the US population travel by other public transport to get to work. Hence, many business owners prefer making transit advertising to let their customers know about their existence. This type of outdoor advertising allows the customers to grasp their attention and make them stop by a store to make purchases. Most of the street food vendors, local stores, or supermarkets opt for transit advertising.

Lamp Post and Bridge Advertising

Lamppost banners are usually placed in the parking lot or on the street. They are hard to avoid, as they are often captivating. Lamppost banners are noticeable with street lights at night, and it forces people to pay attention to the sign at night.

Advertising on bridges is quite common in the US. There are posters, banners, and hoardings near the intersecting bridges to attract the customers’ attention. People who drive a lot on the bridges are often the target audiences. Premium brand cars, shoes, and ads about new TV shows and releases are often displayed on the Bridges.

Retail and Stunt Advertising

Retail outlets and malls are the best platforms for outdoor advertising. People come to shopping malls with a mindset to purchase. So, making use of this opportunity with the help of the right advertising tool is crucial. Storefront ads, flexes, sky balloons, etc. are some of the retail outdoor advertising tools. 

Stunt advertising involves the dramatization of a message. It typically incorporates props or displays to perform the ad on the street or any public place.