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How Covid-19 Is Shaping Fashion Trends

How Covid-19 Is Shaping Fashion Trends

Usually, by now, the fashion world is treated to several high-end events that showcase all kinds of models, fashion designs, and big fashion icons who converge in some of the most glamorous cities in the world. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, these events have either been canceled until further notice or are being held through virtual means. This has affected the fashion design world a great deal since it is a contact industry that requires the physical presence of participants. The following are some of the ways that this pandemic has affected the design industry.

No More Fairs

Events that used to bring in thousands of visitors from other countries are no longer being held, and this has had repercussions across the entire industry. Fashion fair organizers have lost their revenue, and vendors who offer services to the attendees are now without a money-generating venture. They have had to diversify into other things. These fairs used to provide exposure to upcoming designers who had a higher chance of being discovered on such platforms. With most canceled or being held virtually, this has reduced the opportunities for a huge number of people in and outside the fashion industry.

No More Runway Events

Modeling is an important part of the fashion world, and it is how new trends are introduced to the world. This is the reason why there is a huge deal. But with the pandemic putting a lot of the cities that play host to these events under lockdown, many fashion designers have had to shelf their designs and plans for another day. This also means fashion models are going to see their earnings receive a significant dent since most of their earnings are from sponsorship deals that rely on these events for publicity. Hopefully, with the vaccine already on the rollout, fashion events like these will start coming back gradually.

Reduced Sales

Consumers are who drive the fashion industry by their purchases, and when that doesn’t happen, the entire industry finds itself in a bind. With many establishments under a lockdown or very strict regulations, the need to splash on designer wear has gone down because where would you dress to? There are very few high-end hotels that are fully open, and getting a slot requires advance booking. Without the spontaneity of life, the urge to buy something fancy has gone down, and unless things change in the near future, the fashion world will continue seeing a decline in sales.

Mask Mandates

Masks are here to stay, and that adds a new twist to how people dress. It has to be incorporated into the design now in the same way that hats and scarfs have been assimilated into various fashion designs. Many fashion houses are already coming up with designer masks that can be worn with their high-end clothes as this is something they are where most of their consumers will want. They have figured out that it is better to make the most out of the mask mandate and make money off it than fight it and lose everything in the end. However, there are regulations in place to ensure that the masks meet the medical standards as they are meant to keep the virus out. If you are a fashion designer looking to start your own line of masks, start by buying a surgical mask online and use it as the blueprint for your subsequent designs.

 How Covid-19 Is Shaping Fashion Trends

Online Shopping

Online shopping has gone through the roof, thanks to lockdowns which left home deliveries as the only means through which people could get their hands on what they want. The pandemic has forced many fashion designers to resort to setting up online stores to make ends meet. This has saved them a lot of money that could have gone into setting up physical shops that wouldn’t get patrons today. Through these shops, they are able to display their latest designs and have their clients buy them quickly without any physical contact. This trend is expected to stay even when the pandemic is over.

With every crisis comes new innovations. The pandemic may have dealt a very heavy blow to the industry, but it has also opened doors to more innovation as many fashion designers have had enough time on their hands to come with new trends without feeling the pressure they are used to. The fashion world should expect an explosion of new, vibrant, and bold designs that are going to take the fashion world to the next level. Creativity is what drives the fashion world, and when people have been pushed to the wall the way the pandemic has done for most designers, you should expect to see them come fighting back stronger and better than before. 

Virtual Events

Virtual events have really helped save what has been left of the fashion design world. Thanks to improved technology, some important events didn’t have to be canceled, and this provided a lifeline for many people who depend on the industry to make a living. At the same time, these events have also shown how cheap it can be to hold some events virtually. Virtual events eliminate a lot of inconveniences like air tickets, packing space rentals, accommodation, and many others. The money that can be saved through adopting virtual events for the future will transform how people consume fashion products, and it is something that everyone in the industry should work towards normalizing. It would be good to mix up physical and virtual events in the future.


The end of the pandemic may be nearing, thanks to an intensive vaccine rollout. However, it will take a while before things go back to normal. For many industries, normalcy may never be attained again. However, that’s what makes human beings the most accomplished creatures on the planet. The resilience to rise above hardships and come out stronger and better at the end is what defines us. The fashion industry will rise again.