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How Do I Keep My Patio Furniture From Fading?

How Do I Keep My Patio Furniture From Fading?

Years of sun damage can take a toll on even the highest-quality piece of outdoor furniture. No matter how weather-resistant furniture item claims to be, or how excellently it is designed for the outdoors, it will fade over time. Still, it can take months or years of exposure to the elements before any noticeable color changes occur.

Home Garden Home understands that most homemakers purchase patio furniture, thinking it’ll look as good as new over the course of its lifespan. Isn’t it the ultimate mood killer when you realize that’s not the case?

While you can’t exactly prevent patio furniture from fading, you can help maintain its looks for as long as possible using the tips we’ll discuss today.

Six Ways to Protect Patio Furniture from Fading

If you own some gorgeous pieces of outdoor furniture, you can prolong their vibrant look by doing the following:

1. Put under the shade

One of the best ways to protect your furniture from fading is to place it under the shade. If it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight, then it shouldn’t fade—at least, not in a matter of months. Indirect sunlight isn’t as damaging to furniture and usually takes years to cause noticeable damage to color and fabric.

If your outdoor living space doesn’t have a roof, use umbrellas to shade your furniture. Not only do these foldable canopies control the amount of direct sunlight that hits your furniture, but they can also keep you cool as you lounge outdoors.

Alternatively, you can have a roof built over your patio or position your furnishings so that they’re shaded by nearby trees or buildings. When minimal direct sunlight comes in contact with your furniture, fading is delayed significantly. As a result, your furniture retains its original color for years.

 How Do I Keep My Patio Furniture From Fading?

2. Store them inside the house

If you won’t be using your patio any time soon, it would be a good idea to store your furniture indoors. Not only can this help maintain your furniture’s look but also significantly extend its lifespan. Stack away those foldable chairs and tables so that they won’t get worn out by the elements.

During months that are non-conducive to outdoor lounging, make it a point to store your favorite furniture pieces in a shed. This ensures limited exposure to the sun’s UV rays, which can cause the fabric’s color to dull and fade faster than anything.

Lastly, make sure wherever you are storing your furniture is clean and non-humid because that would defeat your purpose.

3. Don’t let them go unused

Surprisingly, furniture pieces are less likely to fade when you use them. Whenever you sit on your patio furniture, your body acts like a shade, reducing the amount of direct sunlight it receives.

Whenever at home and the weather’s great, don’t miss the opportunity to spend time on your patio with friends or family. Not only is this a great time to spend the day, but it’s also an excellent way to maintain your outdoor pieces’ original appearance. 

 How Do I Keep My Patio Furniture From Fading?

4. Use outdoor furniture sunblock

Applying UV protectant on your furniture can help prevent color fading. Remember that UV light is what spurs color to fade, so make sure your favorite pieces are protected from it effectively.

A high-quality UV protectant reflects both the UVB and UVA light emitted by the sun. By blocking these penetrating light rays, it is able to minimize sun damage to your furniture and keep it from fading.

5. Clean them regularly

Furniture meant for outdoor use is more likely to gather dust, pollen, insects, dirt, and other debris over time. This accumulation of debris wears the fabric down and heightens the risk of color fading.

Various types of patio furniture can be cleaned using a garden hose. However, if your items are made of delicate fabric and materials, you want to stick to using a rag or soft-bristled brush. You can pressure wash the more robust types of patio furniture, but don’t do it often. This method, particularly when used on soft fabric, tends to do more harm than good. 

 How Do I Keep My Patio Furniture From Fading?

6. Use furniture covers

If your patio barely gets any shade, you want to consider using furniture covers. Covers prevent direct exposure to the sun’s rays and offer protection from the elements. When furniture with delicate material isn’t being used, you can also use a cover to protect it.

Make sure to use a cover suited to your particular climate. Light covers should safeguard furniture from regular sunlight, but if you are normally exposed to intense sunlight and heavy rain, go for a heavy-duty one.

Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Looking Great!

Fading colors don’t normally look good on furniture pieces. And sun- and weather-damaged furniture is not the most comfortable to sit on, either.

Maintaining the aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor living space requires the employment of the correct methods for safeguarding patio furniture. It also means choosing high-quality patio furniture made with premium materials and thicker coats that offer excellent protection from the elements.