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How Quality Ironmongery Can Enhance Your Bathroom 

Close-up of bathroom sink with accessories

When building your dream bathroom using quality materials is absolutely essential to the look and feel of one of the most used rooms in your house. Therefore, investing in quality ironmongery when looking for your bathroom’s fixtures and fittings is a brilliant way to enhance your bathroom space. Here are some ideas from the catalogue of architectural ironmongers G Johns & Sons for bathroom accessories that will improve your bathroom:

Door Handles

A quality bathroom starts at the door and high quality handles are worth investing in both visually and to the touch. Door handles are the primary way you and your visitors will interact physically with your house so it’s a great opportunity to get your bathroom radiating with high-class design from the get-go. Available in a range of colours including black, brass, chrome and steel, handles of different colours can stamp some personality on the room and make your bathroom stand out.

Towel Rings

It’s easy to see the value of quality ironmongery when looking at towel rings as bathroom accessories. Classy shapes and finishes can serve as a really interesting design feature and can enhance any bathroom. It’s an accessory worth considering in any bathroom as the impact of sculpted iron is obviously vast. 

 Close-up on a bathtub faucet

Towel Rails

As such large and visible accessories in any bathroom there’s simply no room for anything other than quality ironmongery when considering towel rails for your dream bathroom. Available in a number of finishes and styles, a combination of style and durability is crucial when selecting rails. If you choose a reputable ironmonger then the quality of the product will speak for itself.  

Shopping Collections

With the above only a fraction of the total number of different types and finishes of bathroom accessories on the market, shopping for collections or ranges of products can be a brilliant way of creating a stylish and coherent theme throughout your whole bathroom. Good retailers will have a wide range of products available in a consistent theme so if you find a collection you like this can be a great way to save time and money.