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How To Blend HVAC Seamlessly Into Modern Designs 

In designing homes or buildings, architects often bump into some big problems when it comes to blending the HVAC system. Most people assume that HVAC systems are included in package deals whenever they buy a new home or lease office space, but fail to consider that such systems might include complex ductworks and bulky units, and could compromise modern architectural designs.

In simple terms, cooling and heating systems are a necessary addition to any home or commercial space. So, no wonder that whatever temperature monitoring system would be used, it would contain untidy vents, air conditioner units, and many other components that can mess up the well-planned, modern design. 

But, this shouldn’t be the case. In fact, this article will talk about the ways on how to blend your HVAC systems so they may look good with the interior design or even create an unexpected area of focus.

1. Conceal Air Conditioning Units Using Box Frames 

Air conditioners, especially self-contained units such as packaged terminal air conditioners or PTAC units (the kind often found in hotels), aren’t often part of the infrastructure’s original design. Yet, they’re more common because they don’t take up much space. Still, such units may not suit your style. However, there’s something you can do to blend this essential unit with your modern look.

For one, you can transform such units to act as an effective decorative element. Try covering the components with simple box frames. Similarly, outdoor AC units could also be concealed by enclosing them with stylish wooden pallets as well as bamboo screens that naturally blend into a landscaped garden. 

2.Place A Piece Of Furniture In Front Of The AC Vent 

Placing a piece of furniture before the AC vent is another way to seamlessly blend your HVAC system into a modern design. 

The suggestion may sound ineffective as doing so would limit the air circulation in the house or your commercial space. Yet, you can often pull the furniture out from a vent, or redirect the air around the furniture.

Accessories that direct the air can surely be found in your local HVAC parts and accessories providers. You can also search online, which may be easier and can save you time. 

 How To Blend HVAC Seamlessly Into Modern Designs 

3. Use A Protective Cover  

Aside from box frames mentioned earlier, enclosing your AC units with the protective covering is another way to go. There are plenty of conventionally elegant covers that can perfectly fit AC vents. Some can cover a much bigger vent, or an entire PTAC or mini-split unit. 

Creatively designed protective covers are an innovative way of adding some geometric accent to a room. Yet, open design also suggests you don’t block the flow of air.  

4. Go For Shelving Or Woodworked Carpentry  

Attach some components of woodworking over unattractive wall vents by building shelves around the vents. 

The extra woodwork shelves will create a coordinated piece of structure. Plus, there’s an added bonus of bringing functional shelving into your house – storage space.  

If you aren’t a handy woodworker, you’ll need a carpenter to tackle this project. Yet, it might even be worth covering some unpleasant vents by doing it yourself. Harness the “DIYer” in you and turn that eyesore into a treat for the eyes. 

5. Blend In Your Vents By Painting Them 

Another easy solution is to change and paint your vents with colors that match with the interior design. Cans of spray paint can transform your formerly unattractive vents in such color or design that can suit any home’s interior.  

In doing so, make sure that your vents complement the adjacent wall paint. Or, the other way around, you can get artistic and innovative. Try painting your vents with the colors that are a bold contrast to the prominent color on your space. If you’d prefer an industrial theme, use paint with a more reflective shade that stands out. 

Allow yourself to be imaginative when decorating those vents. 

 How To Blend HVAC Seamlessly Into Modern Designs 

6. Choose HVAC System That Are Easy To Hide  

Hiding registers or an air conditioner without compromising the utility can sometimes be challenging. You could even try putting an HVAC unit in an obscure corner of the house, though you’ll need a fan to circulate the air into the more used spaces.

Choosing the right HVAC system can help to mitigate many of these problems before they arise. For instance, PTAC or ductless mini-split air conditioning units are easier to blend and conceal without an impact on its performance once hidden. You can install a refurbished PTAC from PTAC Inc. to make spare rooms more comfortable. At an HVAC company, experts will understand how to install this kind of AC unit near windows or through the wall. Knowing the proper placement of ductless mini-splits units can help them blend perfectly into the interior design of the space.  

To take full advantage of a space, have an interior designer or architect review the positioning of each component. You might be surprised by the ideas they can come up with if you’re the type that pays a great deal of attention to layouts and designs.   

Final Thoughts

Homes and commercial buildings rely on effective HVAC systems to keep the space comfortable. Since HVAC systems are hardly attractive on their own, there’s a need to incorporate added fixtures for the system to blend with the overall design of the space in question. 

Make changes and adapt the methods mentioned above to blend your HVAC system seamlessly in modern interior design. In doing so, try not to lose your convenience for aesthetics — an effective compromise is always possible.