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How to Build Great Decks That Function Well and Look Great

Roughly 23.8% of homes are built with an outdoor deck. These outdoor spaces can add an extra element of comfort and enjoyment to your home. 

But what about those homes that aren’t built with a deck or the ones who need upgrading? 

There are many ideas for great decks and opportunities to make your outdoor space an extension of your home. Continue reading for beautiful and functional deck design tips. 

 How to Build Great Decks That Function Well and Look Great

Think Outside the Box for Great Decks

When designing (or redesigning) an outdoor deck a mistake that is commonly made is just sticking with the basic, boring deck. 

If you’re going to invest the time, effort, and money into the construction of a new deck it should be the one you really want. This extra space can be an important part of a house, take the time to picture what you’d like to use it for. 

Some things to think about when designing a deck are if you’ll be eating out there, how many people you’ll expect on a regular basis, and if kids will be playing. 

This extra effort to design a space that will truly work for you will make such a big difference in your satisfaction level. 

Consider Travel Patterns

One very important thing to work through before beginning construction is the traffic the deck will have. 

You don’t want the deck to be crowded and hard to move through. It’s important to make sure the exit and entrances to the deck make logical sense for the house and also for the rest of the yard. 

If the deck is raised, you’ll need to consider the stairs and guardrails that will be necessary. Beyond the safety element, these are the areas that you can add your personality. 

Making sure the flow of the deck is natural will make it feel well-designed and comfortable. 

  How to Build Great Decks That Function Well and Look Great

Use Quality Materials 

The best deck design tip is to use professional materials. When you use high-quality decking, railings, and stairs the overall look will be elevated. The deck will also have a longer life and be a better investment. 

Ipe Woods is a great resource for these types of high-quality materials. There are all kinds of options when building a deck. 

When thinking about the actual decking think about the color, the feel, the thickness, and the finishing. The railings can be made of all types of materials; wood, plastic, metal. You may want an overhead covering or an awning as well. 

The type of material you use will determine how long your deck looks great. 

Enjoy the Extra Space

Great decks add a lot of value to a home. Not only do they add financial value but they also add some emotional value. 77% of people who complete a new deck say they enjoy being home more. 

The deck has become a crucial part of a home from the summer dinners to the celebration parties. 

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