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How to Check If Your Windows Need Replacing

How to Check If Your Windows Need Replacing

Cleaning the windows in your home is probably a job that you undertake regularly, or at least get someone else to. How often do you actually check the windows to see if they need repairing or replacing though? This is a job that should be carried out with reasonable regularity, but many people are not sure how to check their windows until something as obvious as a smashed or cracked windowpane occurs.  Here are some good ways to check your windows to see if they need replacing. 

Open and Close them

The most obvious thing to do is open and close your windows regularly. Make sure that they don’t stick and that the window can stay open of its own accord and doesn’t need to be propped open. You probably do this all the time in rooms you use often but how often do you check the rooms you use less frequently such as the guest bedroom?

Feel the Glass

Touching different points on the glass to see if they are hot or cold will tell you a lot about the condition of the window. A well-insulated window won’t let any hot or cold in so having points of a window where the temperature changes will tell you if window replacement is in order.

While you are there, check for moisture. If there is moisture between the panes or if the window ices over in the cold weather, it might be time to get your windows replaced. 

 How to Check If Your Windows Need Replacing

Candle Test

To check if a draught is coming from the window rather than anywhere else in the house, carry out a candle test. Light a candle and move it around the window. If the flame flickers, then there is a draught coming through the window, which indicates an insulation problem. 

Listen to Exterior Noise

Well-insulated windows should provide a very effective barrier against noise if they are shut. Listen and see how much noise you can hear.  If it is very noisy it might be time to change your windows. You might also want to consider an upgrade to triple glazed or even quadruple glazed windows to alleviate the exterior noise.

Tap the Window Frame

Tap the window frame with a flat-headed screwdriver. If the wood gives, or if the screwdriver pushes easily through the wood then the frames are usually decayed or rotten.  

Another test you can carry out for window frames is checking to see if the paint is peeling off it. Peeling paint is often a sign of damage caused by moisture or insufficient insulation. 

Here are some of the checks that you might want to carry out to see if your windows are fit for purpose or if they might need replacing. Carry out these checks when you move into a new home and once or twice per year thereafter to make sure your windows are insulating your home as well as they should be.