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How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Rockers for Your Home

Woman reads magazine on a rocking chair

Darina Belonogova + Ron Lach from Pexels

Did you know that the rocker was originally invented as a piece of outdoor furniture, and was mainly used by mothers with newborn babies who found the rhythmic motion to be soothing and helped in putting their babies to sleep?

Choosing the right rocking chair is vital in creating the right impression for someone who is visiting your home for the first time! Carry on reading below where our guide explains how to choose the perfect outdoor rockers for your home

Best Rocking Chair Material

The wood industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and every different type of wood from every corner of the globe is available at the click of a button. Choosing the right type of wood that your outdoor rocker is made from will ensure that the chair lasts long and doesn’t get destroyed by the elements in no time at all.

Most of the time the label will say what type of wood is used in the making of the chair, insist on quality pine, teak, oak, and any other soft or hardwood, and be sure to stay away from processed woods such as chipboard.

Dedon and Gloster are highly reputable suppliers of rockers and a very good place to start your shopping endeavors. 

Nowadays, a few metal varieties have popped and most of the time they are cheaper than wood and can be of equal quality. Metal is strong, durable, and can be combined with other materials to bring about an excellent finish.

 Woman reads in a rocking chair on the terrace

Different Styles of Outdoor Rockers

The rocking chair has come a long way and during that time different styles of the traditional rocking chair have popped up. Choosing the best one for your needs isn’t as easy as one would think.

360-Degree Rocker

This type of rocker has the ability to move a full 360-degrees that provides excellent back and lumbar support.

If the style of your patio has 360-degree views all around, this is the chair for you, it will be just what you need to enjoy every inch of the beauty that surrounds your home. 

Couples Chair

This type of rocker is essentially two rocking chairs combined together that are used by couples to sit together, share a drink, and watch the sunset. 

If you are married or just want some extra space, then this is the chair for you.

Traditional Rocker

Our favorite, the traditional rocker still uses the original design and is a classy example of an outdoor rocker. For us, nothing screams elegance more than a nicely varnished, fully wood traditional outdoor rocker.

Invest In Comfort

Let’s face it, a rocker is extremely comfortable and isn’t bad for your body as other chairs can be.

Investing in a quality one will make sure that it lasts longer and doesn’t become an eyesore after a year or two. 

Are you looking for new outdoor rockers? Not sure where to buy one? Get in touch with us today and we will find the perfect rocking chair for you!