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How To Choose The Right Blinds Design For Every Room Of Your Home

How To Choose The Right Blinds Design For Every Room Of Your Home

Bring out the beauty inside your home by installing the right blinds for every room. Blinds come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials that you can use to design your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other rooms. 

Whether you want to control or block natural light from entering your room, increase privacy, or control viewing the scene outdoors from your window, there’s a wide array of blind you can choose from. 

In this article, learn how to choose the right blinds design for every room of your home. 

What Are Blinds? 

Blinds are a durable type of window treatment or covering because of their hardiness that consists of vanes or slats individually formed together, creating the complete blind and tumbling down as it’s lowered. Also, blinds can be pulled across the window and stacked lengthwise to the side. There are different mechanisms of blinds, including manual pull cord and motorized. Another interesting feature about blinds is the possibility of installing well-designed double roller blinds. These will facilitate things when it comes to privacy. Also, you will be able to adjust them and decide how much natural light to let in.

Make My Blinds explains that customized blinds offer unique a sense of style in every home, and they come in different types, including the following: 

  • Vertical Blinds: Blackout vertical blinds stop the light from entering or passing through, ideal for bedrooms. 
  • Wooden Blinds: With faux wooden blinds, you can select matching tapes to attain a harmonized look or a striking finish. 
  • Roman Blinds: If you’re looking to add sophistication to your home, roman blinds are the best option because of its elegance. You can choose from thermal, blackout, and light filtering linings. 
  • Panel Track Blinds – Differently called sliding panel blinds or simply panel track blinds is a modern design with a lightweight slide that pairs excellently with more enormous windows for a premium design look.
  • Roller Blinds: To boost sleep quality, clip in blackout blinds, which are made of blackout fabric, are suitable for bedrooms. This window treatment blocks all light from entering or passing, promoting long hours of sleep. 
  • Perfect Fit Blinds: Aluminum-made perfect fit blinds are perfect for installing French doors, bifold doors, conservatories, and patio doors. It’s because perfect fit blinds fit the window frame and don’t prevent doors from opening properly. 
  • Aluminum Blinds: Venetian blinds are made of aluminum so it’ll provide the utmost privacy and blocks light from entering a room.
  • Skylight Blinds: Style your skylights with different colors of skylight blinds. Choose to black all lights from passing through with blackout skylight blinds or allow some with white skylight blinds.

 How To Choose The Right Blinds Design For Every Room Of Your Home

How To Choose the Right Blind Design For Every Room

1. Consider the Window Size and Shape 

A major deciding factor in picking blinds for your living room includes the windows’ shapes and sizes. For wide windows or windows with a sliding glass door, installing vertical blinds is highly recommended. On the other hand, horizontal blinds look best for narrower windows. A window shade type also works. 

Choose blinds according to the directions that the windows face. For instance, west and south-facing windows reflect sunlight and do well with light-colored blinds, reducing solar heat gain in summer.

2. Combine Roller Blinds with Curtains 

Light is a crucial element in every home, most especially your bedroom. Blocking light can help many people sleep longer and better. 

To make it more appealing for rest and sleep, decorate your bedroom with blinds. Combining roller blinds with curtains is also a good idea. It strikes a good balance between the hardiness of blinds and the softness of curtains.

Dark-colored curtains can make a bedroom look a bit darker, and dark-colored blinds look amazing when installed in light-colored walls. Light and sheer curtain options can be combined with blinds, which are perfect for summer or spring bedroom look. 

3. Consider the Right Blind Placement and Room Size

When installing blinds in your kitchen, it’s important to consider the right blind placement or location. Make sure that blinds are away from water, food, and grease splashes. All of these kitchen debris can make the cleaning maintenance of the blinds more challenging.  

Wood blinds are not recommended for the kitchen because of wood material warps. Faux wood blinds can be installed if you want wood-looking blinds. Choose a material for blinds that’s easy to clean, like wiping with a cloth.

Here are the other considerations when choosing blinds for your kitchen: 

  • Position of Windows: Think about the amount of direct sunlight the kitchen gets and your desired preference. Good lighting is vital when cooking. However, too much direct sunlight easily spoils food. Thus, choosing kitchen blinds with light filtering properties is a good idea to solve this problem. 
  • Kitchen Size: Blinds make a major feature for larger rooms, so select bold and bright blinds. For a small kitchen, it’s best to choose something that’ll not draw focus.

4. Consider Roller Blinds for Informal Settings

Roller blinds operated by pulled cord add interest when they’re open because of different fabric style options on either side. For informal settings, like your home office or study room, installing ready-made roller blinds is a good idea to fit your space.

5. Extend Living Space with Outdoor Blinds

Connecting with the outdoors through your outdoor living space is a good idea after the long winter season. Enjoy the sunlight, greenery, sunlight, and all the living things around you while sipping a coffee or reading the newspaper on your porch or patio. You can spend quality time anytime you want outdoors with the help of blinds as it’ll help you stay cool during the summer.

Outdoor blinds are extended living room window treatment made of more durable material to withstand forces of nature. These blinds are operated manually, come automated, or motorized. 

Here are some important considerations when choosing outdoor blinds for your home: 

  • Decide on the actual usage of your patio or porch. Do you want it to be a private outdoor haven? Make sure to protect it from direct sun rays, wind, and rain by choosing high-quality blinds for longer-lasting use.
  • Make sure that your outdoor blinds are installed correctly. Hiring professional window treatment installers would help ensure that your outdoor blinds are durable and installed properly to withstand extreme climatic conditions. 


Choosing the right blinds for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and outdoor living space can help bring beauty and functionality in your home. Control natural light from entering your rooms and promote the utmost privacy using blinds. 

Choose from a wide array of styles, colors, sizes, and materials for your blinds according to your preference and personality to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal.