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How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Store

Terrazzo flooring in Chinese restaurant

Our homes, business places, cafes, restaurants, etc., accommodate people a lot, and many activities always go on; they are places you go to enjoy leisure time, get a couple of drinks with friends, and also enjoy hearty meals with family.

Most homeowners, and business owners, adorn themselves with the latest trends down to the smallest detail, even the floor. The flooring of any busy area has the highest tendency to damage quickly because of the constant leg traffic.

The right flooring meets durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance. This article covers the right flooring for your homes, stores, bars, offices, etc., and the right store to purchase suitable flooring, just like what London flooring company provides.

The flooring placed in our homes is way different from the ones used in cafes/restaurants; this is because of the continuous movement of furniture(tables, chairs, ottomans, etc.), high traffic of customers, liquid spillage, and food droplets.

Various floors are available for any area you want suitable flooring. At SCV Floorsmith, we offer quality flooring that blends in with your interior decoration while providing excellent value, sophisticated design, and high performance.

 Store floor covering

Types Of Flooring Options 

The flooring of your place is the foundation of your home, business place, and office aesthetics. Before you purchase any flooring, you must ascertain its safety features and functionalities.

At SCV Floorsmith, we offer the following elegant flooring options to protect your floor; our flooring store offers stylish and sturdy floorings that will please your eyes. The options include:

1. Luxury Vinyl Tile

This flooring looks like wood but isn’t wood. Wood flooring doesn’t last long, installation is complicated, and it scratches easily.

The luxury vinyl tile has positive features like; durability, less expensive, ease of cleaning, very sturdy, and more.

Many homes, offices, cafes, diners, and restaurants opt for this unique flooring; if you want your place to stand out, this flooring is for you.

2. Porcelain Tile 

This flooring screams classic. It comes in unique patterns, cool colors, and different sizes. It is one of the most outstanding floorings that offers excellent functionality.

Porcelain tiles are impact free, durable, and excellent for cafe bathrooms. These porcelain tiles are a great option if you strive for a luxurious home/office setting.

Our flooring store has classic porcelain tile available for our customers.

3. Terrazzo

It is a composite flooring that possesses bits of granite, marble, glass, and excellent gloss varnish.

Once you install this flooring, it gives you a glistening look and elegance. Its seamless feature allows you to cover any exposed area effortlessly.

4. Laminate

As its name implies, it comprises four layers, from the backing sheet to the finishing coat at the top.

It has several properties that make it durable-the top layer can be decorated with any design /image of your choice, probably your business/office logo. Click here to read more about the reasons why you should choose laminate flooring.

5. Vinyl

This flooring meets all the sanitary requirements. They are the best for use in cafes, kitchens, saunas, and bathrooms. They are scratch and stain resistant, waterproof, resistant to humidity, and transmit coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

They come in classic and vintage tones that will upgrade the overall aesthetics of your place.

On A Final Note

If you are thinking of changing your flooring, SCV Floorsmith offers the best flooring needs, while our expert team provides excellent flooring services that you will enjoy. Visit our website now to see what we have in stock for you.