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How to Create a Logo: Ways and Tips

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A company without a logo has fewer chances to win customers. The customers do not perceive its symbol, which could be memorable and allow it to stand out from the competition. So how to make a company logo that fulfills all its functions? You will find it out later in this article!

Logo – a sign that helps to build a company’s image

Consumers, when choosing products, very often pay attention to the visual layer of the packaging. This is one of the places where the company logo should be placed. It is a characteristic sign that defines what brand is responsible for creating this particular product. It is worth knowing that this is not the only function that a logo has.

A logo is the most important graphic element for a company. Accompanied by visual identity, it helps the company to build a positive image. A well-designed logo influences the audience’s awareness of the brand’s existence on the market. It communicates its values while encouraging to use the service or buy the product. Thus, it is a magnet that should attract potential and existing customers.

A logo for a company is so important that its quality should not be underestimated. Wanting to create a symbol for the company, you can choose one of the ways. The first is to use a graphic designer. The second one is to outsource this task to professionals – a graphic studio.

You can make a logo with a creative design in the logo app Turbologo.

Logo from the graphical wizard

A few moments and it is ready – in such or similar tone are published advertising slogans that encourage the creation of a logo is a graphic creator. In fact, «designing» a symbol in such a tool is fast and easy. This is because there are many templates available in the database that help in the whole process. The tool itself is also easy to use – the interface is intuitive and limited to the most necessary functions. What is important – many graphic creators are available for free. It might seem like a perfect solution! You don’t have to invest any money and just click the logo.

However, the reality is quite brutal. A logo from a graphic designer may be easy to create, but so can everyone, including your competitors. It turns out that many companies may try to differentiate themselves in the market with the same or a very similar symbol. This confuses potential customers, and as a result, they may not opt for any brand’s product.

A logo from a creator also raises issues in terms of quality. It is usually available for download as a «.png» file with a specific resolution. So when trying to print at a larger size, you may find that the logo is smudged or stretched. Sometimes it won’t fit into any print at all, even the simplest of prints.

Logo from a graphic studio

A company logo can also be commissioned by a graphic studio. In this case, you have to reckon with the necessity of incurring costs, but considering the role played by the symbol, it should be considered an investment. After some time the money spent on a logo will be returned many times over.

A logo created by a graphic studio is a result of teamwork. Time is spent on the project by a graphic designer and also by a person who knows marketing. Everyone is aware of what a logo is used for. It has to be unique, so the graphic studio analyzes the market and the competition. All this is done so that the result helps the company build an advantage over other companies in the same industry.

The advantage of a logo from a graphic studio is also the preparation for use in different places. Without any loss of quality, the symbol can be used on the Internet as well as on printed materials. In all of them, it will look impeccable because the logo is provided as a vector file – one that will not introduce defects when enlarged or reduced.

 Young male designer working in office


Simplicity is always the best

When designing a company logo you should be guided by simplicity. A sign that the brand will use for many years cannot contain complicated elements. They make it impossible to remember it. By doing so, the logo will become ambiguous, which will cause problems in associating it with a particular brand. This will make it difficult to build the company’s image.

Limit the number of colors

Simplicity is also associated with limiting the number of colors. Too many of them can exaggerate the perception and cause an effect opposite to the desired one. It is best when there are no more than 3 colors in the logo. Their composition can harmonize with each other, but also contrast. It is recommended to use a color wheel for their selection.

Do not use a large number of fonts

The correct perception of the logo, and more precisely of the logotype (typographic part) is helped by using a small number of fonts. It is not allowed to exaggerate in this regard. A maximum of two fonts in the logo design will be completely sufficient, and at the same time, they will not introduce unnecessary clutter.

Create something new

Creating a company logo should be based on designing something completely new and unique. You can review the marks that your competitors are using. However, they should not be the starting point for any design. It is advisable to avoid copying, which can lead to problems in differentiating brands.

When undertaking logo design, it is important to remember that it will be used for many long years. Times change so does fashion, and the logo needs to keep looking good. Therefore, it should be timeless. It is also worth paying attention to the quality of its execution. The logo will be used in various places – on the Internet, but also in print, for example on business cards, company cars, or letterhead. In each of these places, the sign must look good. 


Creating a corporate logo is the first step to start building a company’s image. The symbol is placed in many places, so it is the basis for communication with potential customers. It should be characterized by uniqueness, simplicity, and timelessness.