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How to Create Your Very Own Indoor Spa

Thinking of adding spa facilities to your home to improve your wellbeing and relaxation? There are many good reasons to seek out spa treatments or spa features, and if they’re readily available in an area of your own home, even better. 

Creating your own indoor spa means understanding which features work best for you, in terms of your own wants and needs, and how you best relax.

The Benefits of Spa Experiences

Spa experiences aren’t just about beauty treatments or hours spent relaxing. There are many benefits to attending a spa in terms of the mind, body, and good health, depending on how you choose to spend your time and the features you wish to implement. Some benefits include:

  • Get a better night’s sleep by feeling more relaxed.
  • Tackle stress problems which can have negative effects on the mind and body. 
  • Certain treatments can help for good skin health.
  • Massage can help to improve your circulation and manage aches and pains.
  • Can improve overall wellness and positivity.

How to Create Your Own Indoor Spa

Upgrade Your Bath 

When you think of a spa, you may think of a hot tub experience. Upgrading your at-home bath can allow you to have more of a spa experience, such as water jets and a heated jacuzzi experience so that you can relax. You can also set up your bathroom with extra tranquil features, such as candles and bath oils, to use with your jacuzzi bath experience.

 How to Create Your Very Own Indoor Spa

Install a Pool 

Whether you’re looking to use extra outside space for your own outdoor pool, or you have sufficient space within a room inside your home for an indoor pool, this can be a key spa feature. Not only does it enable you to spend time in the water and use extra features like jets, but it also enables you to swim when you need to do, promoting healthy exercise, movement and helping you to relax. 

For more of a spa experience, don’t forget to install a pool heater so that you can make sure the water is warm enough for you to be able to indulge in.

Plan a Treatment Room 

If you’re a fan of massage or other treatments and don’t want to leave your own home to have them, you may want to seek a professional massage therapist’s services to come out to your home. For the most relaxing and well-rounded experience, a private treatment room with a massage table and relaxing décor can be the perfect spot to have your treatment. 

This could be done simply using a spa room, and you can kit the room out with a speaker system for relaxing massage music, shelving for essential oils and creams, and whatever else you need for relaxing treatments. 

Install a Sauna

Portable or standalone saunas can easily be implemented into your home, and they have a host of benefits. Saunas can be key features of spa experiences, and they help to detox the body, flush out toxins, improve circulation and help you to feel de-stressed.