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How to Decorate a Living Room after a Move

How to Decorate a Living Room after a Move

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For some people, moving is awful and difficult, and, at times, it can seem like a real challenge. However, some things and ideas can help you with quick home decorating. Make the living space cozy and comfortable after moving with a minimum of effort. These tips from a licensed moving company Got2Move will help you decorate your living room with ease and make you feel right at home in a new place from the very first days.

Packing Carefully for Moving

Any moving house begins with questions of how to properly and carefully pack furniture, household appliances, and other interior items, with their further convenient unpacking. To do this, you will need a variety of packaging materials (stretch film, corrugated cardboard, scotch tape, boxes, plastic bags, air bubble wrap) and expert advice from Got2Move moving company.

Start with planning. Divide all items into categories: furniture, household appliances, audio equipment, dishes, glass, clothes, and so on. If you disassemble and pack furniture by yourself, sign the parts and put the fittings in separate packages to avoid unnecessary waste of time during assembly.

Choosing Colors for the Living Room

The color scheme of the living room walls, along with the selection of furniture, is a key factor in the formation of an individual interior design. So, how to choose the color for the living room?

When creating a living room interior after moving, it is worth deciding what attention will be focused on. If your seater sofa is restrained and monochromatic, then for decorating the walls of the living room, it is better to choose rich and bright shades. In the case of choosing more restrained shades for the walls, bright furniture can become the main accent in the interior.

 How to Decorate a Living Room after a Move

Little Know-How: Unpack and Arrange Furniture

Take care of your furniture after the move. It is highly recommended to unpack, assemble, and set up large and heavy pieces of furniture such as dining tables and sofa beds before proceeding to empty the boxes. First, furnish the rooms; equip your living room because sooner or later, you will need a place to rest. The arrangement of furniture after moving into a hew house depends on the lifestyle of the owners and the shape of the room. Using correct furniture arrangement, the geometry of the living room space can be corrected.

Finishing Touches: Accessories

When packing things in a box, follow a simple rule — heavier items on the bottom, and lighter ones (decor items, table lamps) — on top. Fill all the gaps inside the box with shock-absorbing material; use bubble wrap or special filler. Be sure to label all boxes with special symbols and “fragile” signs.

Moving is not easy, especially moving with massive furniture, fragile items, and expensive interior decor. But using the services of the Got2Move Company, this time will become a bright memory in your life.