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How to Design a Relaxing Living Room

Living room with large window

When you are designing any space in your home, you want it to be as relaxing as possible. If a space is not relaxing, it can feel chaotic, and it can put you off truly relaxing. When it comes to designing a relaxing living room, there are lots of aspects you will want to consider. Getting the design right from the start will ensure you get the maximum usage out of any space.

Think About How You Use the Room/Space

Firstly, you will want to think about how you use the space. Is it somewhere you retreat to after work with a book? Or, is it a place where you and the family get together? What does the room or space mean to you, and how much do you use it in daily life? When you can establish how you use the room, you can then start working out the design elements you want to feature, as well as a functional layout.

Top Tip: Always make your living room as personal as possible. You do not want your newly designed living room to look or feel like a showroom. You want it to contain those personal touches, such as photo frames and mementoes/souvenirs.

Focus on a Color Scheme

You have nailed the use for your living room, and now you need to think about the color scheme. For a relaxing living room, you will want to focus on muted colors, and more earthy color palettes. When you focus on earthier colors (not necessarily just white and beige), you can then put more color and vibrancy into the soft furnishings and accessories.

 Living room with green sofa

Don’t Forget the Flooring

You can invest a lot of time into making over your living room, and in the process, you can overlook what is on the floor. The flooring, and even the rugs you use, will have an impact on how relaxing a space feels. Layering the floor, using carpet, or even using vinyl will have an impact on how a room ultimately feels. When you are looking at where to buy flooring products and accessories, you need to turn to specialists. For example, if you are looking for statement rugs, you would visit Rug Source, where you can browse a wide range of Persian rugs, and even rugs that are naturally dyed using vegetables.

Top Tip: Think about layering any rugs that you use on the floor. This can help to break up a space and help it feel sumptuous and luxurious. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, styles, and shapes, as this will give any size room texture.

Make Use of Soft Lighting

A relaxing living room will feature soft lighting. Bright and harsh lighting can make a room feel too bright, and this may not be what you crave after a long day out of the house. Soft lighting that may feature table lamps, wall lights, and wall sconces should be what you start to prioritize.