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How To Design An Efficient Zen Home Office In 2021?

How To Design An Efficient Zen Home Office In 2021?

Zen home office is all about minimalism, simplicity and purity. Whether you have a big office or a small office, it can be converted into a Zen office easily to ensure that when you look at your working space, you feel distressed and happy. If you want to experience what mental peace looks like while working, you got to convert the office into a Zen office using the following tips.

1. Have a source of natural light 

Artificial and harsh light can result in straining your eyes. For a relaxed atmosphere, consider having an office that has plenty of natural light. In addition to that, replacing the fluorescent lights with CFLs is a good idea to replicate the nature-inspired light. 

2. Get a green wall

Studies have shown that working with indoor plants can boost productivity by 15%. Having one look at nature ensures that you destress yourself and spark creativity. If you cannot afford to have indoor plants due to the small space of the office, then consider getting a pleasant soothing green wall which also totally eliminates the need of having any plant. However, if you have the luxury of space, you can also consider investing in indoor plants. 

3. Earthy colour is a big yes 

For creating a relaxed, earthy ambience, choose earthy colours like beiges, grey, whites and other soft neutrals in the rooms. Earthy colours immediately bring a sense of calmness and create visual continuity. While thinking about the colours of the office, take into account floors, walls and furniture, everything as a cohesive unit. 

4. Go for simple furniture

Zen is all about simplicity. Therefore, it is a wise decision to go for simple furniture instead of furniture that comes with plenty of details or ornamentation. However, this does not mean that you have to furnish the office with overly simple furniture. Simply, go for the furniture that screams about sophistication and simplicity. Simple furniture can also be managed with a quick cleaning which can save tons of eyes. 

 How To Design An Efficient Zen Home Office In 2021?

5. Let go of clutter 

Too much of everything in the office can prove to be a big burden in creating a Zen style office. Keep only the necessary items to ensure that there is a minimal distraction. While decluttering the physical space, you can also consider decluttering your laptop with an excess of apps. For instance, if you need to Compress PDF or Merge PDF, instead of having a desktop app, go for an online tool to manage the PDF. Also, always keep your work desk clear. 

6. The decoration should be minimal 

Decoration demands to be cared about and attention. Further, they are distracting as they take away the attention. Therefore, while creating a Zen office, keep the decoration minimal. Only have the items that you absolutely need and remove all other fancy items from the office. While buying furniture for the Zen office, it is essential to ask oneself the purpose that the furniture will be serving. It is a great tip to ensure you only buy the items that you really need. 

7. Add scents in the office

It is equally important to please all the sensory organs. After taking care of the visual aspect of your office, it’s a good idea to focus on smell which proves very handy to set a mood. For creating a zen office, consider buying an essential oil of your choice to use in an aroma diffuser to set the vibe. You can also go for incense sticks instead of aroma diffusers too. 

9. Get a meditation space

Meditation plays a huge role in the Zen lifestyle. Further, meditation can help anyone for active rejuvenation almost immediately. In your office, consider having a meditation space where you can meditate for immediate relaxation. It can be your corner in the office where you leave behind your work to enter into another calm version of yourself. 

10. Have a water element in the office 

Water is Zen is used to represent both the human mind and energy. Placing a water element in the Zen office will immediately calm down your nerves. Consider placing a tiny fountain to add the element of the water. Not only will it calm you down but will also help you to focus further by acting as white noise.