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How To Design Your Home When Electrical Wirings Are Visible

Technology around the house is great! Not only do they provide a form of entertainment, they also help make some of the basic chores at home easier. However, once you’ve gotten so enthusiastic about electronics, it’s often unavoidable for you to have a jungle of cables and electric wires. 

There’s no denying that electrical wiring that’s very visible around your house is a big eyesore. No matter how neat or organized your home may be, having these around can make the space look so unsightly. 

Here are some ways to cleverly design your home when electrical wirings are visible:

1. Tape/Hook Cords To The Back Of Furniture

Taping or hooking cords to the back of your furniture is the easiest way to get rid of unsightly, dangling cords. You can start by anchoring them to trace the silhouette of the nearest furniture they can be applied to.

This is often easy to do, needing only a very basic item: command hooks. With a clear command hook taped to the nearest furniture, now you’ve got a good system to roll and hide messy wires in the area.

 How To Design Your Home When Electrical Wirings Are Visible

2. Hide Cords Behind Other Items

If you feel like your home is slacking in the design department, take a good look around the area now. Start with your living room. Perhaps you don’t need a major re-do. There might be some items around that you can just move around the house, to help make it look more polished. For example, go around your shelves. If there are wires that are still visible, these can easily be hidden behind items such as books, lamps, vases, and picture frames, among others.

If you don’t have so many of these around your home, go ahead and buy some! They’re an inexpensive way to make your house look more well-designed.

3. Feed Wires Through Your TV Stand

When designing your living room, it pays to give attention also to the smallest details, such as the size and design of your TV stand.

This piece of furniture is especially made to have holes on its back already for TV wires and other cables to go through. Take advantage of these, by feeding as may wires as you safely can through your TV stand. To ensure that you’re feeding these wires as safely as possible, it’s best that you’ll also call for help from experts from Service Heroes.

This tip also depends on how many electrical items you have around the area. Hence, if you haven’t completed your shopping list yet, it’s a good idea to choose some gadgets that can be connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. That way, you’ll have lesser wires and cables to think about in one area. There are many Bluetooth speakers in the market that work just as great (some even better) than those you traditionally have to plug. Plus, these look sleeker too, in any space.

4. Have A Double Shelf Night Stand In Your Bedroom

Now let’s touch on the clutter in the bedroom. The nightstand is one of the places in the room that has the most gadgets, including your laptop, iPad, cellphone, night light or lamp shade and perhaps even an alarm clock.

If you haven’t bought furniture yet for your bedroom, choose a double shelf night stand. This means one that has two layers of shelves. A double shelf night stand is advantageous for the following reasons:

  • The size is quite tall enough to conceal wires and cables from behind
  • The top drawer can also be sneakily used as a charging station, where you feed the wires through the top drawer, so everything is in place there.

 How To Design Your Home When Electrical Wirings Are Visible

5. Use Your Staple Gun

A staple gun is a very handy tool to have around the house. Because of the size of the staple itself, it’s also a very effective tool to use for keeping messy wires in place.

This tip best applies to permanent fixtures on tables such as lampshades. Take your staple gun, and staple the wires of these fixtures on the table itself. It’s an easy, cheap and ingenious way to conceal wires.

Doing this trick on your work table or your kids’ study area is also great, as it minimizes clutter. That way, there are fewer things that distract your focus.


Let’s face it. Visible wires and other electrical items are always ugly to look at. The presence of these items can affect the overall aesthetics of your home. However, there’s no possibility of doing away with technology, not especially when it has already formed an essential part of any modern household. Thankfully, there are many ways for you to be creative in designing your home. The ones enumerated above are a good start. Now get to work and start concealing those unsightly wires around the home.