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How to Design Your Living Room with Futon Mattresses

In the ’70s, futon mattresses were regarded as cheap, ugly sleeping material for homeless people. The best futon mattresses at the time could be found with the Japanese who used their sleeping space for other purposes during the day. That’s not the case today. With several modifications made to western-style futons, they’ve become stylish yet functional and can be found adorning most living rooms.

Your living room shouldn’t miss out on these aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic, and space-saving furniture. And that’s why, in this article, you’ll learn how to design your living room with futon mattresses. 

Before we dive into the designs, here are:

Some Things You Must Consider When Picking the Best Futon Mattresses

If you get these wrong, it’s almost certain your living room will end up looking jumbled and messed up. Conversely, getting it right sets you on the path to designing a cozy, nice looking living room. Now, what are these?

  • The Futon Mattress

This is the crux of the issue, so getting it right is super important. For the mattress, there are two things you’ve got to consider:

The mattress’s quality and its size.

Easy right? Yet, so many people overlook it. Getting a low-quality futon mattress can leave you and your guests uncomfortable. On the other hand, the best futon mattresses, like these ones, can make the experience way more soothing.

In terms of size, a futon mattress that’s too big for your sitting room can make it look congested. At the same time, an overly small futon may not be as pronounced as desired. So getting a perfect size is essential. Admittedly, there’s no one formula for doing this. However, simply having your living room size in mind while picking a futon mattress can save you some design mishaps. 

  • Frame

In the past, futons were placed directly on the ground. Nowadays, the frames are an essential part of the design. Modern frames, such as those sold by Mattress Buzz, can be easily converted from couch to bed. When picking frames, first make sure the overall design is pleasing to you – this generally boils down to personal preferences. 

Other things you should consider are the sturdiness, weight, and flexibility of the frame. Except you’re buying online, physically confirm the frame’s flexibility before buying. This can be done by converting the frame from couch to bed on your own. Also, confirm the weight and ease of movement.

  • Futon Cover

Fortunately, futon covers are flexible. They can be changed at will, so mistakes with these are forgivable. That said, this may cost you some extra bucks. 

When picking your covers, make sure they don’t look like regular bedsheets. While futon frames are convertible, you want your futon mattress to look like a couch and not a mattress. Pick colors that match your living room interior. Also, and quite importantly, make sure your covers are the perfect size for your futon mattress. If they’re too big, it’ll end up having too many wrinkles. And if they’re too small, it may be impossible to zip it up, and your futon mattress may get stained.

 How to Design Your Living Room with Futon Mattresses

Decorating With a Futon Mattress

There are no rules etched in stone for decorating your living room with a futon mattress. Here are some tips you can employ.

  • Be Color Conscious

Colors are an essential part of interior decoration. The color choices of your futon mattresses shouldn’t come as an afterthought. From the very beginning, it should be considered. The frame’s color, the futon mattress, and the cover should blend properly with other colors in your living room.

Fortunately, the frame can always be repainted, and the covers can easily be changed. If you have a hard time blending the colors, this article can provide some valuable insight.

  • Incorporate Pillows

Having throw pillows on your futon mattress always increases its aesthetic appeal. They usually help the transition of color accents within your living room. In addition to their decorative feature, throw pillows can help you relax better on your futon mattress.

  • Don’t Push Them Against the Wall

Even if you’ve got a small living room, do well to leave a few inches between the wall and the futon. If you’ve got more space to spare, move your futon mattresses further forward. This effectively creates a conversation area in the middle of your living room and allows effective communication. More so, it makes your living room appear bigger than it actually is. 

 How to Design Your Living Room with Futon Mattresses

Three Adoptable Styles to Get the Best Out of Your Futon Mattress

With any of these three styles, you can achieve a really beautiful living room. What you pick could down to subjective factors like:

  • Personal preferences
  • Lifestyle
  • Family size, etc.

Let’s dive into these styles.

  • Contemporary Style

Contemporary style works well with a futon-designed living room. Use black, white, and neutral colors for your cover, walls, and other interior designs to achieve this. For your cover, employ contemporary fabrics. The use of several artworks and wall hangings all work together to bring that contemporary look and feel to your living room.

  • Casual Style

The most relaxing of the lot. Futon mattresses already appear casual, so you don’t have to try hard if you’re opting for an informal design. Two mattresses placed opposite themselves, with a table between them and some throw pillows, are just enough to give you that relaxing feel of a simple, cozy home.

  • Formal Style

However, futon mattresses don’t always have to be casual. They can be dressed up with formal covers to make them look even better than a regular couch. Once you’ve got the cover right, you can add other features of a modern living room.

Final Word

Futon mattresses are great pieces of furniture for living room decoration. They’re flexible both in design and in the options they offer. More so, they’re comfortable to sleep on. So you can play around with designs a little. Mix colors, try new area rugs and arts to blend with your futon. You can’t go wrong with creativity.

Have you got any thoughts on designing your living room with futon mattresses? Feel free to share your thoughts below. I’d like to get your input!

Image courtesy of jose hevia