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How to Embrace a Work-From-Home Wardrobe

Woman in jeans sitting at desk at home working

George Milton

Working from home has become a staple for a significant part of the workforce and left many of us needing to adapt to a brand new way of working and living. With our kitchen islands becoming our workspaces or guest rooms turning into full-time offices, we’re no longer dealing with daily commutes and in-person meetings.

For many of us, this means our wardrobes have changed drastically. Gone are the days of head-to-toe styling. We’re scaling back full-glam and swapping our heels for slippers. When it comes to creating a WFH wardrobe, it can feel overwhelming — not knowing where to start and which items are still appropriate for those video conference calls.

Explore our tips and tricks and learn how to build your own unique work-from-home wardrobe without sacrificing comfort.

Start from Underneath

Your undergarments are some of the most important items you’ll ever put on your body and can dictate your comfort levels for the entire day. If you’re uncomfortable with your base layer, it often shows with our mannerisms.

Think of your undergarments as the foundation for your new wardrobe. Start with stretchy, soft fabrics like cotton and try a low-impact sports bra that will still offer enough support to put under a blouse without feeling as restrictive as a wired bra.

 Woman in button-down sweater sitting at desk at home

Choose Cozy Materials

You can still combine comfort and style if you know which materials will work in your favor. If your work is primarily independent and you don’t have to deal with daily video calls, a simple cotton t-shirt, long sleeve, or colorful Azzyland sweater is more than enough and can easily act as a base if you decide to layer and venture out for lunch.

If you need to maintain a more professional look even when at home, look for items like cashmere sweaters or jersey-knit wrap tops that are the perfect addition and can be styled with a few jewelry pieces, depending on your taste.

Keep Your Bottoms Simple

One of the benefits of at-home video calls is that your outfit is only visible from the torso and up. That means you can prioritize comfort when it comes to what you’re wearing from the waist down.

A simple pair of black leggings is an easy go-to and can even be styled with a longer blouse or oversized sweater if you’re heading out after work. On the other hand, a pair of jogger-style pants are a sportier alternative but can be found in a variety of colors and prints for some added style.

Save Money on Shoes

Since you’re working from home and don’t need to commute to the office regularly, why not save some money and go barefoot or keep those cozy slippers on? Just like your bottoms, your feet are not on display during work calls so that you can choose your preferred level of comfort.

The most important thing to remember when designing a work-from-home wardrobe is to prioritize your comfort and find simple ways to add professional elements.