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How to Fall Back in love with your Wardrobe this Summer

How to Fall Back in love with your Wardrobe this Summer

While lockdown is gradually being eased around the world, the long-term effects may be with us for a while longer. When you’re been stuck in your house or apartment for months on end, normality might be a difficult thing to recapture. If you’ve gotten used to maintaining an instinctive distance from other people, then even the idea of doing something like going to lunch might seem intensely distressing!

One of the side-effects of not interacting with other people is that it doesn’t much matter what you look like. You might have decided to value comfort over looks, and to dispense with things like makeup, shaving or even shoes for most of the week. In some cases, you might even have come to the view that you don’t miss many of these things, and that a more profound reassessment of your priorities is in order.

For most of us, however, this isn’t so; we like to look good, as looking good gives us confidence and energy for the day. Prestigious labels like Radley convince us that we’re self-sufficient, and they look and feel fantastic, too. Through clothing, we’re able to express ourselves, and to feel a little bit more comfortable when we’re in a certain place. If you’ve been working a lot from home, then you might have found that your performance suffers if you’re still wearing your nightclothes during work hours. 

 How to Fall Back in love with your Wardrobe this Summer


The resumption of normality is a great opportunity to clear out your wardrobe and to refresh your entire look. Having spent so long away from your best clothes, you might have an entirely new perspective on them. You might look at certain items with disgust. What were you thinking there? On the other hand, you might find new appreciation for stuff that you’d forgotten about.

Marie Kondo’s method of getting absolutely everything out and looking at it came to popularity back in 2018. It’s time-consuming, but with lockdown still at least partially in place, you might have more time than you once did.

If you’ve been saving a lot of clothes for a special occasion, then you might find that some of it doesn’t even fit properly. Throw that way – the local thrift store will happily take it. The same applies, obviously, to everything that you absolutely can’t stand the sight of.

Once you’ve liberated your wardrobe of all of the stuff you absolutely hate, you’ll have lots of extra space to fill with the things that you really like. Once you’ve got a clear idea of what your wardrobe really looks like, you might come to appreciate for the first time exactly what you’re getting from it, and what’s missing. What better inspiration could there be for a shopping spree?