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How to Find the Best Loft Ladder for Your Home

How to Find the Best Loft Ladder for Your Home

One of the greatest inventions was the design of the modern-day loft. It allows you the opportunity to maximize all the space in your apartment or house, not letting a single square inch go to waste.

However, there’s a lot of planning that goes into making a loft as comfortable as possible. 

Many people that have never had lofts before might wonder things such as how to find the perfect loft ladder.

The answer depends on many different factors. Here are several tips on how to find the best loft ladder for your home. Be sure to consider them all as you comb through your options.

1. How Often Will You Use It?

This is the million-dollar question. In fact, it’s probably the biggest factor that determines what kind of loft ladder you should invest in.

If the loft is being used as a bedroom, then you’ll obviously be using the loft ladder several times each day. 

But if the loft is only being used as extra storage space, reading space, etc. then you won’t be using it as often.

The number of times you expect to use the ladder will dictate whether you go all-in on a pricier (more durable) ladder or can get by with purchasing one on the lower end.

The frequency of use will also help you decide what kind of loft ladder to get. For example, if you’re going to use it often, then you may want an aluminum loft ladder for maximum support and durability.

But if you’re only going to be using it occasionally, then you could get by with a ladder that’s foldable and quick to arrange itself.

Be sure to shop here for loft ladders, that way you can find whatever type of material of loft ladder that you’re looking for.

 How to Find the Best Loft Ladder for Your Home

2. Who’s Going to Be Using It?

At first, this might seem like a weird question. After all, it is your home… who else will be using it, right?

But if you have other family members, such as your children, that intend to use the loft from time to time, then choosing a loft ladder with them in mind is ideal.

For instance, an ideal loft ladder for a child to occasionally use would be one with handrails as they climb. 

If you’re turning your loft into an at-home theatre, for example, then the entire family will be using the ladder quite frequently. If that’s the case, it might be wise to invest in a telescoping ladder or even an electric aluminum ladder.

This will also ensure the safety of any third parties that visit your house, such as guests, tradesman, or relatives that need to use it.

3. Save Your Space

As previously mentioned, the entire purpose of a loft is to maximize the space and save as much of it as possible.

As such, you don’t want to invest in a stationary ladder that’ll take up awkward square footage around the entryway to your loft.

Fortunately, there are space-saving loft ladders that are made with that in mind. They allow you the opportunity of a cost-efficient ladder that’s made with durable materials and require no extra space.

In fact, you can get one that folds in on itself and can be ready to use and fold-out whenever the time comes. The loft ladder installation process won’t take long and will fit in perfectly.

 How to Find the Best Loft Ladder for Your Home

4. Find the Right Size

Nothing will be more annoying to you than investing in a loft ladder that isn’t the right size of your home.

Trying to battle through a ladder that’s too small will put a significant amount of stress on the ladder’s foundation and joints. 

Using a ladder that’s too long is unsafe because, since the ladder isn’t fully-lengthened, the joints can’t lock in place. Climbing an unsecured loft ladder will result in serious injury and significant damage to your home.

In order to find the right height, start by measuring the length from your floor to the top of your ceiling joints. Then measure the length from the floor of your loft to the floor underneath it.

Be sure to measure it with the proper slope that a ladder will have. Remember, your future loft ladder won’t come straight down at 90-degrees, it’ll have an angle. Measuring straight down will result in gathering the wrong measurements.

5. What Style Should You Choose?

For those of you that are extremely passionate about home decor, it’s your time to shine!

While you might not think it, this loft ladder will be a piece to your home’s overall design, and therefore should be considered with caution.

For example, if you have hardwood floors and wood accent pieces around your living area, then a wood ladder would mesh perfectly with your current atmosphere.

However, aluminum ladders can fit in quite nicely in most modern homes styles as well, so it’s a tough call to make.

Try to envision the picture of a loft ladder you’re considering in your home. Does it fit in well or stick out like a sore thumb? Try to find one that fits in with the designs that surround it.

Find the Best Loft Ladder for Your Home

Now that you’ve read up on how to find the best loft ladder for your home, it’s time to explore all of your options.

Be sure to consider all these tips as you hone in on the perfect fit. In the end, you want a ladder that’ll stand the test of time.

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