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How to Get New Customers When They’re Reached Your Site

How to Get New Customers When They’re Reached Your Site

You would think that the battle is over when a visitor arrives at your website. This line of thinking is still prevalent because there’s so much competition to get people to visit your website in the first place. It can be exhausting! However, that’s when it really gets interesting.

Here are some suggestions for how to turn site visitors into engaged customers.

Get an Opt-in for Your Newsletter

Contrary to popular belief, a newsletter should not be a boring treatize into the internal machinations of the company. Instead, it must be squarely focused on what customers (and prospective ones) want to learn, know or discover. While there might be the odd promotional piece in the newsletter, for the most part, it should be aimed first at being helpful, and second, promotional.

Depending on the business, few people who arrive on the website may be in the buying frame of mind. Indeed, they might be considered a ‘cold’ prospect that needs considerable warming up before they would consider making a purchase. This is most often the case with four-figure and beyond sticker prices on products or services where individuals (or businesses) need repeated exposure to the product and brand before they’re likely to be convinced to go ahead.

As a result, edging visitors to sign up to the newsletter provides not only a way to get their contact details but also engage them over several weeks to warm the prospect up!

 How to Get New Customers When They’re Reached Your Site

Done-for-You Live Chat to Develop Leads

Visitors come to your website at all times. This could be during office hours, but equally, it could in the evening after their workday has ended or on the weekend. It’s extremely costly to have a customer service team to deal with enquiries at all hours, however, when using the Home Service Back Office option, a company can comfortably outsource the live chat and sales prospecting instead.

The live chat, which aims to develop new sales prospects, is chargeable on a per lead basis. This means that the company only pays for the service when a new lead is provided. The Home Service Back Office will have already talked with them online and discussed their needs first, which reduces the sales time required to follow-up.

 How to Get New Customers When They’re Reached Your Site

Design the Site to Funnel Visitors

By designing the website to carefully funnel visitors to the most relevant pages, a business can increase the likelihood that a visitor turns into either a subscriber or someone who makes a first-time purchase.

Creating a site and providing direction within the presentation to guide visitors to the bestselling items or services that get the highest conversion rate increases the odds of getting new customers before they leave the site.

To do this, design elements can be added to attract the attention of visitors to point them towards the best pages. Interlinking between pages with an emphasis on the offer or landing pages that get the most take up also works well to funnel traffic where you wish it to go.

Your job is not done just because a visitor came to the site. That’s when the hard work really begins. Are you ready for the next challenge?