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How to Give Your B&B a Modern Overhaul

Bedroom of a B&B in the UK

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As a B&B owner, it’s likely that you’re still recovering from the summer season. We saw plenty of people opting to stay put and, with the record-breaking temperatures here in the UK, it made sense to choose a staycation over a trip abroad.

If you want to make some renovations to prepare for 2023, read on. Here’s a roundup of ways to reinvigorate your B&B in time for next summer.

Why change things up?

The B&B has been a staple of the Great British holiday for decades, with families and couples alike often booking an overnight stay. Typically, these are traditional townhouses located in seaside resorts and holiday towns, filled with a choice of rooms. Unlike larger hotels, B&Bs offer a smaller, home-away-from-home experience.

However, with the rise of popular accommodation options such as glamping in converted treehouses and ultra-modern apartments available on Airbnb, the B&B is facing competition. If this sounds familiar, it might be why you’re considering an update. You might attract more bookings by giving your holiday accommodation a revamp.

Alternatively, it might simply be that your accommodation remains popular but that it’s been a while since you had a chance to make some changes around your B&B. In this case, it’s worth making the most of the quieter winter season to focus on changing things up.

Where to start

So, where to begin? First up, you’ll need to think about your budget. This is the best starting point as it will give you an idea of how much you can change and the upgrades which you think you can make with the funds that you have set aside.

From there, you can make some decisions about what you’d like to do. Should you want to make some large changes, like knocking down walls to open up rooms or building an extension, you could need planning permission. If so, you’ll need to look into the process to see what it involves and how long it will take.

 Common area of a B&B in the UK

Choose a theme

Are you looking to redo the décor? Will you focus on the interior, or will you refresh the exterior too? Also, you’ll need a theme. A theme is especially important when it comes to holiday accommodation as it will provide a draw for guests, one that’s clearly communicable when they’re browsing several options.

You could tap into your location, reflecting your surroundings. For instance, a coastal theme would work well in a beachside B&B, while floral curtains, tartan blankets and wooden furniture works perfectly in a cottage-themed retreat.

What to consider when everything’s ready

Once you’ve made the upgrades to your B&B, make sure that you market it to attract bookings. Set aside some of your budget for promoting your guest rooms in local papers and shout about it online via your website and through your social media channels.

It’s also important to protect your new-look property. If you take out B&B insurance, you may be much safer if anything unforeseen happens.

Finally, run promotions. Offer discounts to attract visitors and you could see more bookings come in.