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How to Interior Design — The Basics 

White and ash minimal kitchen

When it comes to interior design, a lot of people struggle with not knowing where to start. And we understand why—with so many designs, rules and the overwhelming amount of information available on interior design—both on the internet and out of it—it is confusing. One of the most difficult things that most people run into when it comes to interior designing is choosing their aesthetic and understanding what it is they want from their rooms—how they want it to look- and how they want it to feel.  

Don’t worry if you are confused, we are here to help! We have composed a guide to help you figure out your design style along with understanding the basics of interior design!  

What is My Interior Design Style 

This is a question a lot of people ask! And rightly so—it is the most difficult question to answer. When it comes to interior designing, there are usually two routes you can take—either go for a timeless look that you won’t need to change over time; or go for a more contemporary look with elements that can be changed and replaced according to trends. There are various methods you can use to understand a bit more about your style. An easy and extremely interesting one would be to watch a few interior design shows. You can usually watch them for free on a TV aerial. Click here to know more about this! The second thing you can do is read a few magazines. However, the most effective way would be to look into your wardrobe! Yes, that’s right- your wardrobe is the key to your interior design style! 

Clothes and the colours 

The first thing you need to look at when it comes to figuring out your interior design style is the most common colours you like to wear. Check your wardrobe and take a look around the room for a recurring theme- is it neutrals, bright colours or a mix of both? This helps in determining the kind of colour schemes you prefer.  

Clothes and the fabrics 

The second thing you need to look into is the kind of fabrics that are repeating themselves in your wardrobe. Are they more into earthy fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk or do they lean more towards artificial ones such as leather and polyester? This will help you in understanding the different kinds of fabrics that you prefer around your house and furnishing. 

The next thing that you need to understand regarding your wardrobe is if you lean more into trends and micro trends or if you prefer a classic style. This will help you learn if you prefer a complementary design or a timeless one! Also, look at the kind of accessories you prefer- do they lean more towards neutral, classic colours such as simple gold and silver pieces or do you prefer more expressive and maximalist accessories? This will help you realise if you lean more towards a minimalist aesthetic or a maximalist one. 

 Bathroom with colorful wallpaper

Mood Boards 

Once you understand the basics of the kind of interior design you are into, you can then go ahead and start making the mood boards. Mood boards help you in visualising your space and design. A mood board is a kind of visual representation or ‘collage’ that allows you to collect your ideas in the form of pictures. The best websites to help you find mood board and interior design inspiration are Pinterest and We Heart It along with social media like Instagram and Tumblr. Once you have a mood board with all your inspirations, you need to check for repeating themes- colours, furnishing types, layouts and designs. Now you need to find similarities between your wardrobe and these selected inspirations. Once you do, you will know exactly what you want for your home!  

Mix and Match 

One of the biggest confusions that come with mixing and matching is that sometimes, your design and style do not match with any one particular interior design style. And that is completely okay! Your style can be a mix of multiple interior design styles! The thing with interior design is that it is a form of art, which means there is no set of particular ‘rules.’ You can follow your way and design the house of your dreams. Interior design only offers you some guidelines that you can choose to follow or not follow.  

Mix and match aesthetics—till you arrive at the kind of design that you like! At the end of the day, it is your home and it should feel and look good to you and you only! Don’t be afraid to put up fairy lights, display your prized collection or have plants all around!