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How to Keep Squirrels From Destroying your Outdoor Furniture?

How to Keep Squirrels From Destroying your Outdoor Furniture?

cottonbro from Pexels

It’s about time you dealt with those cute villains. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having some squirrels in your backyard. Unfortunately, they seem to have an affinity for cushions and fabrics. 

Do you know squirrels like the taste of certain types of furniture? They only go for low-quality outdoor furniture. Visit here for the best patio furniture for sale in Ontario. Keep the squirrels away!

Continue reading to find out how to keep squirrels from destroying your outdoor furniture. In addition to that, we’ll also explain why they find your patio so attractive. 

What is my patio so attractive to squirrels?

Why won’t they leave my patio alone? Well, most of the time, we build our outdoor spaces in our backyards. Therefore, there are bound to be several factors that make your backyard a “Squirrel Heaven.”


Do you keep shrubs and hedges? Yes? Then you’re inviting squirrels into your yard and, hence, your patio. Unmaintained shrubs are playing grounds for squirrels and many other pests. I’m sure you’ve noticed a few running in and out of your hedges and shrubs as they play hide and seek. Also, they use shrubs to hide from other predators like hawks.

Start by maintaining your yard and frequently pruning your hedges. Yard maintenance is crucial if you want a pest-free environment. 

Food and water

Do you keep birds and other small pets like cats and dogs? Are the bird feeder and bath outside in the open? Yes? Then you’re inviting over the squirrels for lunch and dinner.

If you have pets or birds, be careful where you place the food and water stations. Please don’t leave them out in the open. 

For dogs and cats, you can go with indoor water stations. For birds, we advise you to get squirrel-proof feeders.


Squirrels love trees. Maybe even more than shrubs and hedges. Specifically, be on the lookout for trees that produce nuts and fruits. 

Do you have large acorn-filled trees in your yard? Yes? That’s it. That is the main reason why you keep on having recurring squirrels wars and battles. They will always come back because they live for acorns, and you’re providing an infinite source. Survey the ground under your trees. You’ll see small excavations. That is where they hide their findings. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a sure way to keep squirrels off your trees. Unless, of course, you cut the tree. 

The only thing you can do is prune the branches extending to your house or patio. You never want squirrels to get to your roof or attic. They are a menace. 

 How to Keep Squirrels From Destroying your Outdoor Furniture?

How do you can stop squirrels from destroying your outdoor furniture

Squirrels are mysterious but cute creatures. 

Did you know that their teeth never stop growing? 

Well, below is how you can keep squirrels off your patio furniture. 

Strong odours

You can use strong odours to mark your territory and tell the squirrels to run off. For example, you can use rugs soaked in cider vinegar, ammonia, or oil of mustard. Of course, the only drawback to this method is that you’ll also have to put up with the smells. 

Bright light and noise

Squirrels hate bright light and loud noises. Shine some light on your patio when you are not around. Also, you can leave a battery-powered radio on your outdoor furniture. These things will trick the squirrels into thinking you are within the vicinity.

Keep a dog or cat

Dogs and cats are equally as playful as squirrels. They will run after squirrels on sight. Hopefully, they’ll eventually give up on your outdoor furniture and go to your neighbour’s. 

Squirrel-repellant solutions

There are plenty of capsaicin-based squirrel-repellent chemicals in the market. Do you prefer homemade solutions? Make one by mixing one tablespoon of pepper sauce and one quart of water in a spray bottle.  

Chew toys

Not the ones you are thinking. Leave those for your dog. Instead, use dry cobs of corn. Nail them to strategically placed posts or trees. Dry maize combs will distract the squirrels and keep them away from your outdoor furniture. 

Professional help

If it’s too much, then it’s about time you called the professionals, especially if the squirrels are causing huge losses. Contact a pest-removal company or a local animal protection agency. They’ll take those squirrels off your hands. 

 How to Keep Squirrels From Destroying your Outdoor Furniture?

Why are squirrels dangerous?

Why are we referring to squirrels as “villains?” We appreciate their cuteness and funny behaviour. However, these bundles of joy can be detrimental. Not only to your outdoor furniture but also your entire yard.

Tree stress

Be more careful if you have young trees and saplings. We mentioned earlier that squirrels love to climb and branch on fruity and nutty trees. That’s not all. They also gnaw on tree barks. If the squirrels are many, even large trees will suffer and slowly die. 

Unfortunately, a tree or sapling won’t survive without its bark. 

Grass destruction

I’m sure we are all aware of squirrel behaviour. Not only are the squirrels fond of stuffing nuts into their mouths, but they also love digging and hiding their findings. Where do you think they’ll bury their treasure? Of course, it’s in your yard. 

It can be frustrating to see these little creatures destroying your grass, or even worse, your garden. I’m also sure they won’t hesitate to eat some of those vegetables you’ve been cultivating for a while now. 


Do you now understand why we call them “villains?” Squirrels are very cunning. They won’t stop in your garden. If hunger pushes them, they won’t hesitate to get into your house. Not only will they steal your food, but they’ll also damage your indoor furniture. They have a thing for beautiful cushions and fabrics. 

The warmness of the indoors will keep on calling out to them. Eventually, the squirrels will find a hidden place to settle and multiply. When that happens, you might find yourself with a squirrel infestation. 


Why do you think squirrels have a relatively short life-span? Yes, we know they have poor decision-making skills, especially when crossing the road. Nonetheless, that is not the main reason. 

Squirrels are prone to suffering from several diseases and parasites like plague, typhus, tularemia, plague, and ringworm. Unfortunately, all these diseases and parasites are communicable to human beings. They can be fatal.