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How to Light Up a House

tchen flooded with natural light

In a house, light is life. How you bring it in is a personal choice. That said, it often depends on what the room is used for. It can be intimate, joyful, sunny and warm or barely there, but no matter how you integrate the light in your house, it will remain a key element of your design and will affect the way you live. Here are a few ideas on how to light your house, to fill it up with life.

Raise the Level with Neon Lights

If you want to provide energy to a room, the best way is to plug it in directly into electricity, by adding a neon light on the wall. This is the kind of lighting that you require in a game room, but also if you have a bar section in your house. Mancaves are also a great location to place one. But the best thing is that you can actually create your own custom neon signs. Therefore, you can turn the room into anything you want: A big love nest with a glowing red heart, a kids room with a clown face, or even a music studio thanks to a guitar-shaped neon. Neon light is unique as it radiates and permeates every object in the room. It is a powerful statement that will no doubt show precisely how you want people to feel, once they step foot inside.

 Bathroom mirror with neon light

Breathe Better with Natural Light

If you feel like your house is a prison and you need to break free, it is time for you to tear down the walls and replace them with full glass windows. Letting the sun into the house, feels like a liberation from darkness and isolation. This is the most radical way to change the mood of a home and of the people living inside it. By opening up to the outside world, you immediately regain energy. It is medically proven that we need sunlight for our physical and mental health. So, enlarge the windows in rooms that still need some kind of intimacy, and go all in with glass folding doors, wall to wall, wherever it makes sense. It is a guarantee that you and the other family members will live a healthier life, from then on.

Built-in Lighting for Special Effects

When you decide to change furniture, or to renovate the house, think of adding built-in lighting inside the wall cabinets and inside other elements of decoration, whenever possible. If you don’t wish to get into major construction work, but still want to change your world, head to the store and buy LED strip lightings. They come in various colours, and you will be able to create the same built-in effect all by yourself, at low cost. They can be used in a large variety of ways. For example, you can illuminate the underside of a console, which will create a leavening effect. You can also use them to highlight special decorative elements in the rooms or direct them towards books. Built-in lighting will completely change the look of a room, all by itself.