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How To Make Your Home More Natural With Timber

How To Make Your Home More Natural With Timber

Timber is a natural product. You may think that all the furniture in your home is a natural product because the manufacturer claims it is made from wood. It may be made from wood, but what kind of wood and how is it assembled? Many of the wood products we buy from large stores are made from re-claimed wood and is not what most of us would call natural wood.

How to Make Natural Wood and Timber A Part Of Your Home

There are many ways in which you can make natural wood a part of your home. The trend for natural wood or timber products is growing fast. For instance, timber doors are now more popular than ever before.

For many, their first purchase of a natural wood product is a bit of an eye opener. You quickly learn to appreciate that wood has its own beauty and warmth. A great way to add more timber and wood to your home, is to buy bespoke furniture.

 How To Make Your Home More Natural With Timber

The Advantages of Buying Bespoke Furniture

There is little wonder why bespoke furniture is that latest craze. We are not only seeing a growth of bespoke furniture manufacturing in Australia, but it is also happening around the world. It belongs in every room in the house. Specialist companies are happy to manufacture unique pieces for your home. You can also personally take part in the design process. That is another reason why bespoke furniture is special. It designed with your personal needs and requirements in mind.

Buying bespoke furniture is not about buying furniture for the moment. Once you have made bespoke furniture a part of your home, it is hard to consider buying anything else. Stop and think about it, and you will realise that bespoke furniture will last longer and grow with your home.

Bespoke furniture is much more transitional than other pre-made furniture. That means it will carry on looking modern for many years to come.

The furniture we have in our homes, is more important than it was years ago. We are now spending more time in our homes, and our furniture has to “work” for us. Just like many other nations, more Australians than ever before are working from home. That is a trend which is reflected in the way we buy furniture.

Natural Wood Is Good for You

Furniture bought from large commercial enterprises, may look well manufactured, but what does it contain?

Did you know that the “new furniture” smell most of us like, is in fact bad for you? Mass manufactured furniture often contains harmful glues and other compounds that are associated with health problems including asthma. When you work with natural wood, there is no need to use harmful substances. Natural glues work well together with timber and natural wood.

A great way to discover natural wood, is swapping your old doors for timber doors. Another benefit of natural wood is that it will stay looking good for a long time, and very much feel part of your home.