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How to Make Your Home’s Exterior Beautiful in Three Steps

If you’re one of the millions of families in the USA, who live in a detached home on a suburban street. In that case, you’ll likely have some control over how the exterior of your home is presented to others on your street – and to future potential buyers, too. Considering how to change how your home’s exterior looks can feel like a mammoth task – you are, after all, thinking about making changes to several square meters of surface. In this guide, we’ll break these changes down into three steps for you to consider for your exterior spruce-up. 


Your first stage or option is to conduct a thorough spring clean of your home’s exterior, sprucing up those parts of your home that need sprucing up but not changing any of the fundamentals of your home in the process. This is essentially a deep clean, and it’s the sort of clean and fix-up that you’re only going to need to do once every three to four years. Look out particularly for dirty bricks and tiles, which you can wash clean with a pressure washer. 

Cleaning your windows should be a bi-monthly job for you or a professional in your area – while clearing and retaining your gutter will probably take place at least once every winter. Consider repainting your gutters and window frames in the same color in order to give your home a sense of conformity this year. 

 How to Make Your Home’s Exterior Beautiful in Three Steps

Green Additions

Next up, we’re going to consider some additions to your home that should make it look better while making it greener and kinder to the environment at the very same time. These proposed changes are twofold: you should consider adding climbing plants to your home’s exterior walls while at the same time considering whether your home is right to add solar panels to. 

With regards to the latter, the benefits for your home are huge: you’ll likely stop having to pay for electricity in your home, and the money you save will pay back the cost of the solar panels over time. Solar panels also help sell homes to younger buyers. Custom Solar and Leisure will give you a great quote on your panels if you get in touch with them.

Wholesale Changes

Now we’re getting on to adding features that will be more costly but more impactful. We’re rising up the investment cost charts, and now we’re looking at several thousand dollars to, for instance, change the windows that you have fitted in your home. You can change everything about your windows – the frame, the glazing, the size, and shape – if you have the cash to pay for it. 

You may also wish to add shutters to your windows if you prefer to block out the heat of the sun in the summer months – or you may wish to add a balcony on your master bedroom so that you can take the sun with a morning coffee this year. The choice is yours – but these changes will take weeks to perform and are typically rather expensive. 

Use these three simple step-changes to decide how you’re going to spruce up or change your home’s exterior in 2021.