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How to Modernise Your Home Office

Man works in his home office

With more and more people working from home, home office renovation projects are on the rise. Quite often, employees would much prefer to replicate their old office space to increase motivation and work morale. This can be done through renovations to spare rooms, garages, and even outdoor sheds, as individuals begin to adapt to the continual work from home routine. To keep your space as exciting, positive, and as motivating as possible, we will share some ideas on how to modernise your home office to suit your needs.

Reduce Clutter  

Cluttered areas are not a good look, especially when you want to take the modern route. Modern has connotations of simple and minimal designs therefore, you want to ensure that your office space is free of clutter. Sometimes clutter can be inevitable, and you may require or prefer to have a lot of belongings in your office meaning that mess can easily occur. If this is the case, invest in drawers or filing cabinets for the room so that objects and documents are not on display. Researchers state that clutter negatively affects productivity and the surrounding mess can cause stress to an individual. Therefore, we cannot stress the importance of organisation and arrangement in your new office space.

Include Electronic Devices

A standard home office should already include your laptop, or computer as this tends to be what most employees work from, however, using the same electronic devices can get a bit boring. If you have the facilities, try to incorporate a smart TV. A smart TV can be mounted on the wall and can be a perfect device to use if you need to take breaks, catch up on live news or even listen to background music or videos. If you need some assistance with TV wall mounting, do not hesitate to contact a professional and click here. We believe that it is also important to keep your smartphone or a tablet by your side when in the office. Although they can be distracting devices, they can be handy for communication meaning that you can easily call or facetime work colleagues if you are required to do so.

 desk for home office

Adequate Desk Space

The desk space in your home office is one of the most important features. If you are proceeding to invest in a new desk, ensure that you choose one with a large volume of space. A crammed-up desk area can sometimes be extremely frustrating, especially when you are required to spend 7+ hours a day at it. We would advise ensuring that your new desk features drawers for extra storage and easy accessibility however, try and make sure that they remain at the side of the desk and not above your thighs. You want to be comfortable in your office space, not cramped, and sometimes drawers above your thighs restrict leg space and your ability to get comfortable. Electronic, height adjustable desks are also the perfect alternative to a normal desk and are brilliant for ensuring that you have extra legroom. If you prefer to stretch your legs, this piece of furniture is a great addition to your office.

Comfortable Chair  

Alongside a large and spacious desk, an adjustable and comfortable chair is a must. Office workers are more likely to experience back pain and posture issues and due to this, they require an ergonomic chair that can reduce or prevent pain or discomfort from occurring regularly. With this being said, when designing your office space, make sure that you do not have a tight budget on your chair. Your body with thank you for it in the long run. Make sure that the selected office chair can move with castor wheels and features height and back adjustment, as well as armrests.

Wall Space

If you have an option to renovate the walls in your office to suit your preferences then absolutely do it! We believe that a modern workspace should be a bright area, as light can improve your mindset and motivation. If your office space features little to no natural light, then we would advise opting for bright paint or wallpaper that will illuminate and brighten the room such as, white, light grey, or yellow. Try to avoid any funky or abstract wallpaper patterns as this can strain eyesight and after a long hard day in your home office, the last thing you would want to do is increase your chances of a headache. The wall space in your office does not need to be neutral, although most people would prefer it to be, but if you like bright spaces opt for a bright wall colour. Finally, personalise your wall space to fit your taste, after all, this is your workplace. Customise the walls by adding canvases, clocks, hanging plant baskets, and picture frames, this will be sure to boost your mood and make the atmosphere feel great within your workplace.