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How To Select Wallpaper Like A Pro In 2021

How To Select Wallpaper Like A Pro In 2021

To change your walls beautiful and colourful, choosing the right wallpaper is essential which might change your walls into your dream walls. But it is not simple as we think; we should consider many things before choosing the right wallpaper for your rooms. Let us discuss the things to consider. 

Analysis About Your Space

There are different types of wallpaper styles, colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. Select the wallpaper based on your space. The different rooms are using for different purposes such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other entertainment places. 

Every room should wallpaper differently, if you are wallpapering a living room or kitchen you can go for accent colors like lemon, mint, and bold patterns. For bedrooms, the serene patterns and quiet shades will work well. 

Then you should consider the scale of the space, different wallpaper will suit for a different size, height and lightings of the rooms. If the room has a lot of windows, doors, and wall hangings, then choosing the smaller patterns is a perfect choice. For High ceilings, long vertical patterns will do well. 

Choosing the Colors

While choosing the color of the wallpaper, you think about the colors used in the windows, flooring, and furniture in the room, the color should be matched with these items. To get drama and contrast effects, use accent color as the main color in your wallpaper.

You can use a color palette to choose colors for your decorations. You are going to live there choose your best but it should not be ugly.

 How To Select Wallpaper Like A Pro In 2021

Choose Your Materials

There are many different materials available to choose the suitable for your wallpaper. In rooms like bedrooms and dining rooms, there will not be much worn and tear; in such space, more elegant materials and fine textures can be used.

You should avoid fragile papers in kid’s rooms and entertainment spaces that will not sustain for a long time.

Find Your Patterns

Choosing the right pattern is the key factor when you are wallpapering your walls. You cannot place any patterns anywhere you like; it will not look nice if it is so. You can follow some pattern guidelines such as given below.

  1. Horizontal patterns and designs widen and open up a room. It is suitable for high ceilings.
  2. Vertical patterns are good for low ceiling and it gives a grand look to space
  3. Large patterns are best for large rooms and smaller patterns are best for smaller rooms. If you use a large pattern in a small room, the smallness will be noticeable.
  4. Dark wallpapers will make the room smaller, light patterns make the room appear larger
  5. Damask and floral patterns with fine lines and if colored with pastel colors will create a romantic atmosphere.
  6. For contemporary and modern rooms, bold and geometric patterns are the best options, while others like damasks and stripes will give traditional look.

Textures Change Surfaces

Textured wallpaper is the biggest trend in interior design. You can make the surfaces of the wall as you like. You can make the surfaces like grass cloth, burlap, foil, expanded vinyl, and fabric. It makes the surface feel like marble, wood, fabric, leather, and animal skin.

Reflective papers can reflect light and make the rooms brighter. Like different textured wallpaper can be used to make the space beautiful.

And also while choosing the wallpapers, consider the room lightings used. Like if your space lacks windows, you can light up the rooms with reflective patterns and design. Metallic or iridescent inked patterns are the best option. Dark wallpaper will absorb light and make a room look smaller.

 How To Select Wallpaper Like A Pro In 2021

How Much Wallpaper to Purchase?

To avoid running out of the paper problem, take the measurement carefully and always purchase one roll more than is required.

  1. Measures all walls area by multiplying its height and width in feet
  2. Add all measurements to get the total square footage 
  3. Deduct for windows, doors, and other openings
  4. Check how much one roll covers in square footage and purchase a roll that covers more square footage than total wall square footage.

Having these tips in mind will be quite helpful to select the perfect wallpaper for your rooms.