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How to Spot a Bad Window Installation?

How to Spot a Bad Window Installation?

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If you want to replace your current windows, that is a great idea. But the correct installation is a vital aspect here. Correctly installed units can boost curb appeal and bring more functional benefits such as noise reduction or lower energy bills. For expert window installations, consider the services at www.boldnorthroofing.com.

We have come across many interesting materials prepared by Canadian experts from https://www.ecolinewindows.ca/location/regina/ and learned that installing new windows is definitely not a DIY task since even many professional installers from different window companies might fail the job, leaving you with many costly problems. That is why we have prepared this post for you to learn the main red flags and how to avoid many common pitfalls when going through window installation.

The Key Aspects to Look at When Doing Window Installation

Your new windows should look terrific, operate easily, be energy efficient (Energy Star-rated), and be NAFS-11 tested. All these factors determine the quality of your new units. And when you are sure you have purchased the correct windows that match your house design, the next stop is the proper installation. That’s where you have to be very attentive. If your windows have been installed incorrectly, you may spot one or more of the following issues:

  • Gaps: Your new units should fit the rough opening perfectly. If you’ve had an incorrect window installation, any gaps left between the windowsill and the frame are always easy to find. They usually emerge when the glass unit is of incorrect size to fit in the frame, resulting from wrong measurements correctly.
  • Foggy glass: If you see the inside of your new windows fogging up, it usually stems from the seal between the panes, which has been damaged. This seal holds in the gas used to boost energy efficiency. It can be broken if your installer isn’t careful. It ultimately leads to reduced energy efficiency, meaning your energy bills will be higher than expected.
  • Water damage: Modern windows should ensure your house is safe from the elements. If the window installation is incorrect, any water can find its way inside.
  • Drafts: Drafts can emerge for many reasons, but if this happens to new, Energy Star-rated units, it is a bad installation for sure. New windows should fit tightly to avoid drafts obtained by air circulation from the outside.
  • Visual defects: One of the main reasons Canadians install new windows is to enhance the exterior and add visual appeal to their homes. If you see flaws such as crooked windows, messy caulking, or chipped frames, the chances are you have faced a lousy window installation.
  • Inadequate functionality: Your new windows should be comfortable and easy to operate. If you have issues with opening or closing, the crank is stuck, or you should just put too much effort to make windows go, it is for sure a huge red flag.

Many Regina windows and doors experts claim that poorly installed units can lead to severe problems, such as skyrocketing energy bills and even structural damage to your residence. If you spot that your newly installed windows don’t live up to your expectations, the first thing you should do is contact your installer and claim you have faced issues with your windows and want them to come and fix everything immediately due to the warranty.

How to Spot a Bad Window Installation?

Make Sure You Deal With a Reliable Window Company

If you want to replace your current windows with new energy-efficient units for your house in Regina, the very first aspect to consider is hiring a professional window company to do the job for you since the correct installation is vital. To make sure you deal with the right company:

  • Go and check their HomeStars, Yelp, and BBB profiles. There should be many positive reviews from real homeowners who have previously dealt with the company.
  • Ensure your installer follows the CSA guidelines and your local building code
  • Ask whether they offer your Energy Star windows that comply with the highest industry standards
  • Check whether the company has skilled in-house installers who will do the correct measurements before window installation.

The Bottom Line

Having the correct installation of your new windows is even more important than purchasing the appealing window style that matches your house exterior and interior. Poor window installation might lead to many serious problems you do not want to go through, so make sure you deal with a reliable and skilled installer who guarantees correct installation for windows that will serve you for many years to come.