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How to Turn Your House Into Your Favorite Vacation Spot

Living area that opens up to the outdoors

The one thing that can stress us out more than anything is dealing with the daily routine: laundry, morning mess, documents, sticky notes with to-do lists, a pan you forgot to wash after breakfast, etc. When the pressure starts to build up, it can easily lead to anxiety leaving us with no other way of relaxation rather than laying on the couch and aimlessly scrolling the social media feed. However, it doesn’t have to be like that.

You can make your home feel like a resort by having separate areas for rest and by enhancing the look of your rooms so that they start to feel like a luxurious hotel or a restaurant. Be ready to bring an atmosphere of relaxation to your home and have a vacation every day with these creative vacation home decorating ideas!

Invest in new furniture

Start with giving your place a vacation vibe and arranging it according to the hotel style. To this end, new furniture comes along.

Keep in mind the dimensions of your place before buying new pieces. Ensure enough padding for comfortable seating for each family member. As for the color palette, better go with warm eye-pleasing shades. Choose a soft fabric to step up the relaxing experience. 

Remember to stay neat and clean, so organize an extra space in drawers or cabinet doors to hide the overnight clutter. 

Also, have both straight-back chairs for fancy gatherings and recliners for enjoying me-time. To have an additional place outside, provide umbrellas and windbreakers to protect yourself from the scorching sun and breeze. Spending time in the fresh air indeed feels like a countryside vacation.  

Buying new upholstery is exciting, but very pricey though. You can save the budget by simply ordering slipcovers for your current furniture. They hide imperfections and freshen up the interior. Furniture protector covers your settee from wine spills, stains, and dirty paw traces. Pick one you like the most from the variety of colors and shapes paying ten times less than for the new furniture! 

Bring nature inside

Make home feel like vacation by creating a mini oasis in your house. Treat the indoor space like an outdoor one, and divide it into a few different zones: dining, patio, and entertainment area.

To make everything feel lively, plant flowers and perennials in your garden. They can serve as an attractive backdrop for your vacation photos. Content for your Instagram page and a sweet, soft smell throughout the day is guaranteed!

Nature is never redundant, so placing an outdoor fireplace or a fountain will add the romantic sound of water or cracking fire to the scene. 

 Bathtub overlooking the outdoors

Prepare your bathroom for spa relax

If your countertop is loaded with medicines and cosmetics, it’s time to declutter it. Put them in a makeup bag or a drawer. What do you love the hotel bathrooms for? Minimalism and tidiness.

Please yourself with aroma salts, fluffy towels, a new robe, and a bath mat. Overhead lighting will make each tub evening feel special and bright lighting around the mirror will help you apply makeup. Take a book, vanilla candles and enjoy your staycation time in the foam. Or better to say a 5-star resort!

Set up a place for water games

The garden’s size may limit your ambitions for an Olympic pool or a waterslide, but you can still reorganize the space for water games. If you have children or are young at heart, then having fun in an inflatable pool with a bubble blower has all chances to become your family’s favorite summer activity!

Add a cornhole set or croquet to complete the scene. 

Create a restaurant-like dining experience

It’s time to bring out the fine china you’ve been keeping for special occasions in your cupboard. Meals taste much better when served in sophisticated dishes. And quality silverware adds chic to the whole dining process.

Empty the countertop from appliances and place a basket with fruits instead. Such a trick will transform your kitchen into a movie-looking one. 

Also, made-in-Italy slipcovers for dining chairs will ensure comfortable seating while enjoying the food and making plans for the rest of the day. 

Organize themed areas for parties with friends

To have the most out of a vacation at home, throw a party at yours! Arrange an outdoor bar and mix cocktails for friends to feel like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. You can choose this TV series as the first theme for the private get-together.

Put a karaoke machine on the porch or terrace and just lose it while singing Cher. It may feel better than Ibiza. If you buy an electric grill, an easy-cooked and tasty meal is guaranteed.

Did you like all the vacation home decorating ideas we shared today? If yes, then get ready to spend the best vacations every week right at your house!