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How to Use Adobe Photoshop

How to Use Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is perhaps the most popular photo editing and graphic design software. Part of the Adobe Creative Suite, it has grown considerably over the years. Now, it’s more sophisticated and convenient to use than ever before. 

 A lot of people still think it’s merely a graphic design tool. It can do much more than that and is used in many different industries across the world. Here are some of the popular ways people use Adobe Photoshop:

Fixing Old Photos

Fixing old photographs and colorizing them is a highly time-consuming task. While you’re fixing the photo, you don’t want to alter any details. Many historians rely on the skills of Adobe Photoshop experts to bring old images back to life. 

Photoshop has specific tools like the patch tool that can help fix marks and smudges in the real photos. Similarly, you can overlay color layers on top of the different layers in the photos. Once you apply the differentiate effect, the color details of the layer become visible, but now with the colors. 

A lot of people have used Photoshop to add colors to historic black and white images.


Photoshop is also a big part of video making. A lot of the graphics we see in videos on YouTube and other social media platforms have been created in Photoshop. 

Do you know how some people are looking great in their videos like they do in their pictures? It’s all Photoshop’s magic. 


With tablets and styluses, electronic drawing has become a popular hobby. Even professional artists and illustrators who were drawing manually on paper are switching to drawing on tablets. It’s so convenient, and the results are simply amazing. 

Adobe Photoshop’s mobile app is allowing artists to express their creativity in many ways. It makes it easy to draw freehand and share that work with the world. If you have a touchscreen laptop like Microsoft Surface, you can draw with a pen on those too using this amazing software. 


How to Use Adobe Photoshop


The textile and fashion industry heavily relies on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create patterns, graphics, and prints for clothing. Those prints you see on t-shirts typically are designed in Adobe Photoshop first. 

Similarly, textile prints are also designed in Adobe Photoshop. It has the right tools to create large patterns easily. Patterns are all about repetition, and Photoshop does that beautifully and accurately. 

Web Design

You might think what has Photoshop to do with web design? A lot! The panels, buttons, borders, and many other design elements are often designed in Photoshop. It allows UX designers to create flawless web layouts. 

Photoshop is all the more instrumental for custom websites where everything is designed and coded from scratch. With the latest versions of Photoshop, many tools and layouts are geared specifically towards web design.

Common Photoshop Errors

No matter what purpose you’re using Photoshop for, you’re bound to run into errors. If you have a slow running Photoshop, chances are your machine doesn’t have enough resources to support it. 

Make sure you have ample memory and CPU power to run Photoshop. It also helps if you just use Photoshop and close other applications. 

Another common error is the amtlib.dll error. It could be the file is missing or corrupted. This file was created by Adobe and is necessary for running their applications. 

If you receive this error, there are a few ways to fix this issue:

  1. Run antivirus to see if your PC has any virus or malware that may have affected the file. Once you’ve run the scan and the antivirus reports fixing issues, try running Adobe Photoshop again. 
  2. If the error persists, and you’re sure the file is there in your PC system folders, you can try System File Checker. Open Windows Command Prompt and type ‘sfs/scannow,.’ Once the scan is complete, restart the PC and launch Adobe Photoshop again. 
  3. Lastly, you can download amtlib.dll file from DLLDownloads. It’s a safe source for common DLL files that can resolve the missing or corrupted DLL file issue. Make sure to download the right version according to your Windows (32-bit or 64-bit). 


Adobe Photoshop is a great tool when it comes to graphic design or picture editing. However, it’s much more versatile than those two main applications. It’s a heavy software that utilizes a lot of resources so the performance is dependent on your machine too.