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How To Use Murals For Home Interior Design

Woodland wall mural in a modern living room

Murals are eye candy, and different murals have different effects depending on the style. It’s like a finishing touch in the room. When you add murals into your home, it will make it cozy. But before adding them, you need to know where you want them and if it will be the entire room or just one wall. Picture the design in the room and see if it matches your other things. Thus, having an inspiration or mood board helps in the planning process.

Additionally, you can personalize it and style it however you want to, from vintage to contemporary. This is an excellent opportunity to unleash your inner artist and decorate or paint your own mural. Your family and kids can even help decorate, making it a fun family activity. If you want a professional, you can hire Sydney street artists to do the mural for you.

Moreover, this can serve as an accent wall in a room, and you can also use murals on the house’s exterior. The murals will bring life into the home. If you’re renting, it’s best to leave a blank canvas or use white wallpaper and paint on it. You can reuse or remove it should you want to redecorate or renovate. This is good for those renting as it will not damage the walls.

Here are some ways to use murals in the home:

Draw Attention To The Living Room

You can use this as the main focal point of the house. Thus, choosing a mural theme that matches your personality is a good idea to start a conversation. Contemporary murals are a good option for the living room. But, keep in mind that the design you choose should also complement the theme of the room and the pieces of furniture. Furthermore, this is where you will be spending most of your time entertaining your guests, so leave them with a lasting impression.

 Close-up of wall mural in living room

Bring Life To Your Boring Restroom

The restroom is also the second most visited place by guests. Thus, it’s a good idea to decorate it as it adds character. Perhaps, you can consider having a mural of the jungle while doing your business in the restroom. It feels like you’re one with nature. Furthermore, it’s good to use a tile mural for the bathroom as there will be moisture. You wouldn’t want the décor to be ruined. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to put up framed paintings without protective glass.

Relax And Be At Peace In The Bedroom

The best mural design to put in the bedroom should be something that relaxes you and puts you in a good mood. Perhaps, a mural of the woods or the ocean, or it can be something you wish to see before you go to sleep. It can even be a painting from your favorite artist or something quirky like a splash of colors or abstract art. Additionally, if you want a minimalistic approach, you can leave the wall bare or paint one color and hang a mural painting or two. This way, it’s easier for you to change the wall décor without repainting the entire wall; you can just switch the artwork.

It’s ideal to have different themes per room. It creates the illusion that you can jump from one place to another without leaving your home. Moreover, these murals can bring memories or certain emotions just by looking at them, which is why you need to think about the best mural to put in the room.

While thinking about what design to use in each room, don’t forget to take good care of these murals, even if you will replace them in the future as they are a work of art. Artists took the time and effort to create these. If possible, keep them away from direct sunlight to avoid color changes. And, if you are unsure how to clean it, leave it to the professionals.


Murals will make the room more put together. They add life to plain and boring spaces. Furthermore, murals are an excellent way to bring character into homes. They are so versatile that they can be used in different rooms and serve several purposes. They get certain feelings and emotions; basically, setting the mood. Moreover, they are the finishing touch to complete the room.

If you’re unsure about what kind of mural to use, you can always look for mood boards and inspiration.



Corinne R. Vasquez is an artist and an interior designer who adores art more than anything in the world. She spends her weekend designing homes. She also has a curated website for her paintings.