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HyperEthereal eyeglasses by Matteo Agati

Matteo Agati

Young Italian designer Matteo Agati has unveiled “HyperEthereal”, a collection of futuristic eyeglasses that blends fashion and high tech winning the Rado Star Prize Italy 2016.

The Rado Star Prize Italy competition, which was open to students in the School of Design and School of Fashion at Istituto Marangoni, asked entrants to explore the theme of lightness by creating wearable accessories made out of innovative materials.


Lightness and innovation are both key aspects of Rado’s high-tech ceramic timepieces, and Agati’s “HyperEthereal” eyeglasses are the perfect response to this theme: When the glasses are worn, the parts of the frame in contact with the skin become invisible. This is achieved through a combination of cutting-edge materials: a polycarbonate base with good thermal conductivity, thermochromic pigments which change colour according to the temperature, and a covering of sol-gel film to help achieve hyper-transparency.

“HyperEthereal” was one of the top ten projects selected by the jury to be exhibited in “The Beauty of Lightness”, an exhibition at Istituto Marangoni in Via Cerva during Design Week in Milan.

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all images courtesy of Matteo Agati