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Ideas for Making Your Home Festive for the Holidays

Ideas for Making Your Home Festive for the Holidays

It’s time to spruce up your home for this busy time of year. In a season where we are called on to entertain, host and create warm memories with family and friends, having a clean and well-decorated home is something we all aspire to uphold. And while not many of us have an inexhaustible budget for home design and interior decorating, there are some simple things you can do to warm up your living space and make it an inviting and festive place to spend the holidays with those you love.

Light up your space with some well-placed candles – Candles are such a classy way to highlight rooms in your home. The added benefit of scent and color can add a whole new dimension to quiet nights by the fire or the most elegant gathering. A large display of candles with varying heights and thicknesses makes for a clean and cozy centerpiece for a dining table. Placing scented candles around your home that are indicative of the season have a tendency to place your guests in the best of moods as they attend your gatherings and socialize with you and other ones you hold near and dear. Candles are also a low-cost way to brighten up any room and add ambiance to any type of gathering.

Change out your throw pillows and blankets – Switching out regular old throw pillows and blankets with ones that are more indicative of these upcoming winter months will create a sense of cozy excitement around your home. Pops of color can really add warmth and depth to your decor, while choosing fabrics and textures that are a bit heavier hint that you’ll be spending a lot of time staying warm and cozy with friends and family around you.

Set up a holiday bar cart – Who doesn’t like a little cocktail to accompany all of your social gatherings? It can be cumbersome to run from room to room refreshing drinks and topping off the glasses of guests who are enjoying themselves; setting up an easily accessible bar cart is the perfect answer to this dilemma. Creating an information station that is well stocked and inviting will encourage guests to help themselves if you find yourself having to attend to other duties during all of your social galas.

Put up seasonal artwork – Temporarily replacing some of your more traditional artwork in favor of pieces that scream seasonal greetings is one way to let everyone know that you enjoy all of the trappings of the season. This is also a great idea to highlight favorite family activities throughout the year by creating a seasonal picture collage that makes a great conversation piece at gatherings. Feel free to leave this artwork up as long as you like; we are not here to judge!

Hit up your favorite craft store for some holiday ideas – Your local craft store has plenty to offer those of us that want to put our best holiday foot forward. As you peruse the store, look for displays and decorating ideas that are holiday-inspired and inviting. Wrapping some lush greenery in red velvet bows for draping along a banister, or perhaps displaying a floor vase with winter white birch and mistletoe will brighten up various areas in your home.

Put a tree in your bedroom – So often, we only think about putting up a tree in a formal living room or family room. Decorating in those places is great, but there is a certain mood that is created by a warm and well-lit tree in a bedroom corner. Leave the lights on at night for a soft and inviting glow that inspires dreams of sugar plums and gifts to come.

Simmer some potpourri – Make some of your own homemade potpourri using flavors and scents of the season, and simmer it slowly on your stovetop all day long for an extra festive feeling when you get a whiff of the spicy goodness. Scents like clove, cinnamon, orange, cranberry, and even evergreen are all nostalgic and wonderful to experience when steeping all day long. Your home will look and smell like Christmas to come.

Bring a little bit of nature inside – This is the perfect decorating tip for anyone wishing to decorate on a budget. Heading outdoors to pick colors and items indicative of the season will feed your desire for beautiful things while nurturing your soul with something natural in your home. Abundant items found at this time of year include maidenhair ferns, orange lilies, hydrangeas, and white birch. In addition, a fresh cut of greenery coupled with some simple branches would be a perfect greeting for guests as their simple beauty adorns your front door.

Live in the Southwest? Consider a Christmas cactus! – Why not spice up your decor a bit? Replace the traditional look of an evergreen tree with a Christmas cactus; its colorful blooms will rival even the best decorating scheme, and it will continue to bloom in your home for months after the holiday season has ended. Based on the house tipster Christmas cactus care guide this plant is very low maintenance and doesn’t need a lot of attention in order to add beauty to your home.

Look for seasonal furniture coverings – Turning your living room sofa into a conversation piece with a winter scene slipcover, or perhaps simply dressing things up with coverings in rich red and lush green hues will pull your whole room look together as you plan your next gathering.

Light everything up! – Draping entryways, staircases, and mantle pieces with lush greenery and lights will give your home and warm and inviting look. Your flair for personal home design will be evident as guests, family and friends oooh and aaaah their way through your home.

Pile on the cozy beddingWhile not everyone you invite into your home will be able to enjoy this seasonal change, swapping out some of your lighter bedding items in favor of cozy flannels and down-filled comforters inspire the warmth and coziness of the season. Bundle up and sleep tight!

Change lampshades – Changing your lampshades is a simple and effective way to update your look and make it more indicative of this special time of year. Choosing winter patterns or colors that complement existing furniture add depth and warmth to your holiday decor.

Decorate more than just the tree – While nothing says Christmastime more than a tastefully decorated and well-lit tree, there are other rooms in the house that need to be adorned as well during this wonderful season. Placing a glass bowl of beautiful ornaments on your dining room table, or hanging garland across door frames and along staircases will pull the whole holiday theme together as you celebrate in all rooms of your home.

Consider updating your color scheme with paint! – Are you tired of neutrals in your home? Perhaps it’s time to spice things up a bit with a warm paint color on an accent wall that would be suitable for wintertime and beyond. Choosing colors like persimmon, dark orange, and even forest green will complement your decor while updating your whole room.

You don’t have to break the bank to make your home warm and inviting for the holidays. Pick a few of these suggestions, channel your inner design guru and see how many festive and warm looks you can add to your home to make your holidays even more special.