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IKEA Offers A Peek At Its Upcoming Sonos Collaboration

IKEA Teases Sonos Symfonisk Speakers


Set to be officially revealed in April this year during the Milan Design Week, Ikea has offered a first look at its upcoming Sonos collaboration. Sound and light are powerful mood boosters, as important to the atmosphere at home as any rug, or art piece, or sofa. To show how impactful and fun light and sound can be, Ikea invites the world to Fell Home in Milan. Ikea has democratized light in the home for years – with the connected smart lighting system Trådfri as the latest addition. Now, setting out to also make high-quality sound available for everyone, Ikea and Sonos will present the first products in the Symfonisk range – in the Feel Home exhibition in Milan.

There’s sound, and there’s light. What if we combined them both? Two hugely important elements for creating the right mood around the home. This was the starting point for making the playful exhibition Feel Home in Tortona in Milan. The results? It is best experienced on site, the ambition has been to share knowledge through fun interactive installations based on everyday life activities.

 IKEA Teases Sonos Symfonisk Speakers

“Together with Sonos we wanted to combine our home furnishing knowledge with their expertise in creating great sound experiences for every room of the home, and in Milan we want you to experience the real difference that sound and light makes in your life”, says Björn Block, Business Leader for Ikea Home Smart at Ikea of Sweden.

Ikea and Sonos have showed a prototype to the world, a book-shelf speaker that will give customers a great connected speaker that enables a multi-functional usage in the home, at an affordable price. During the week you will for the first time get the chance to hear Symfonisk and to get a chance to meet the people behind the products, the home furnishing experts from Ikea and the sound experts from Sonos.

 IKEA Teases Sonos Symfonisk Speakers

For Ikea, heading into sound is a part of the smart home journey with connected products which began with the smart lighting range Trådfri launched in 2016, followed by connected blinds that will be available in stores later this spring, and now sound.

“For IKEA, the smart home is not about gadgets, it’s about making life at home better with solutions that create a better atmosphere, make you live a more convenient life and make you feel safe. The collaboration with Sonos is a great example of this, offering affordable high-quality sound in combination with a great design piece that we hope will find its way into the many people’s homes,” Björn ends.