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Improving Your Office Space – Do’s and Don’ts

Improving Your Office Space – Do’s and Don’ts

Working in an office for a prolonged time can get tiring. However, if your office space is well-designed and organized, it not only increases your will to work but also boosts productivity.

A clean and tidy work environment can help increase productivity. An organized and comfortable working space can also help reduce your stress levels and creativity blocks.

A positive working atmosphere will make the employees more welcome and congenial. Along with that, you are unlikely to face any workplace accidents since your office would be well maintained. Hence you need to know some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to your office space.

Having a Pleasant Outlet Is Important

An important factor is how it appeals to the candidate. If you have a sparkling office space, well-reviewed by other employees, this will attract more candidates. Your office space reflects the culture and branding of the organization. It is most definitely a great way to entice some talent.

Disorganization usually leads to a simple task taking hours to complete. Thus, having the right tools that can be easily accessed makes the working environment twice as tempting.

Do’s of Improving Office Space

It is extremely important to have the right balance inside your office space. We tend to go overboard with some of the decorations, trying to make the interior as beautiful as possible. This can be very harmful to the employees.

Don’t worry, just keep reading to find out how to find that perfect poise and have a content working space. 

Comfort and Hygiene

If your workplace isn’t clean, reeks of old paper, and is very dusty, employees will not work to their maximum efficiency as they will be very distracted and might fall ill from various allergies. Having broken equipment and flickering lights can also be a potential health hazard.

That’s why it is important to keep the space sanitized, fix or mend any broken equipment, and have proper lighting. Furthermore, if you notice that the piles of old paper are getting taller every day, you should contact document shredding experts immediately. An untidy workplace can significantly hinder productivity and creativity, and it can also increase stress levels. To help employees feel as comfortable as possible, you need to ensure that the office is clean and organized at all times. A better working space means happy employees.

Have Natural Lighting

If you put very bright lights in the working place, then there is a high risk of that light reflecting on the computer monitors and may become a health hazard to your employees.

To avoid that, introduce natural lights. Light in the room has a neurological effect. The more natural lights in the workspace, the more energized your employees will be. It also helps them sleep better at night so they can be at work with a fresh mind the next day.

Plumbing is important

The first thing your employees would want is a clean and functioning toilet. If your toilets are poorly cleaned and smell due to leaks in the plumbing, that may be a big turn-off for potential candidates.

During situations like these having a trusted service like plumber Alexandria VA would be very convenient.

Quiet Rooms and Recreational Areas

Make sure that the office space is built in a quiet neighborhood. Constant noise during work can induce headaches, nausea, and migraine.

If possible, provide a recreational area where your employees can relax and maybe have some indoor games for a change of mood. This will motivate them more to come to work every day.

Having Indoor Plants

Having plants in the office is not only a great way to decorate your space, but it also comes with benefits. Plants can reduce the pollutants in the air and provide fresh oxygen which is good for brain function.

 Improving Your Office Space – Do’s and Don’ts  

Don’ts of Improving Office Space

While designing your office, there are some factors you need to avoid.


If your office space is small, don’t make too many cubicles to accommodate as many employees as possible. Employees need a certain amount of freedom to perform efficiently.

Improper Furniture and Seating Arrangement

Workers who are required to do repetitive work for a prolonged time, need to have desks and chairs that support their body structure. Chairs with back support and desks at the proper height are crucial to avoid any injuries to the body.

Desks with less organizing space can also be very stress-bearing.

Insufficient tools

If your workers are not provided with the right tools and equipment, there will be a lag in the working efficiency, and likewise the product or output quality of work not be good. This may induce stress in your employees.

Provide them with space where they can socialize and relieve their stress.

Indecorous Placing of Electrical Wires

Electrical cables that are just being pulled to the desk from one end of the room to the other are hazardous. People can trip and fall, hurting themselves. Desks that lodge wire holes to properly place all cables and electrical ports are necessary.

Color of the Walls

Having dull colors on the wall, may induce sleep and hence hamper the organization’s process of operation. When it comes to office space, everything influences the employees.

 Painting your office space white or any similar color or even having some bright colors will help to inspire employees. However, don’t make it look like a circus. That might take away the seriousness of the environment.

 Improving Your Office Space – Do’s and Don’ts

Aim to Make Your Office Look Less Like an Office!

The best impetus for employees is when they don’t treat their office as a workspace and most of that comes from how innovatively you design your office space. Your job is to make that happen.

Starting from the infrastructure of the building to the clock on the wall, everything must be in sync with the modern strategies and outlook that the world is adapting.

Help your employees by providing them with a better working space and see your business/organization flourish. Have a library, have a game room, treat your employees like your family. This will help you and positively brand your company.

Make your office so attractive that it becomes a sanction fit for the museum!