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Interior Design 101: Staging A Home for Sale

Modern kitchen

One of the more niche aspects of interior design, home staging can be a fantastic way to make your home look as enticing as possible when it comes time to sell. Whether you own the home in question, are prepping a property for rental purposes or sale, or you are holding an open house to attract potential buyers; using the correct tips and techniques may seal the deal and potentially even improve the price.

Staging at a glance

When you stage a home, you will be removing all of the unique and personal touches that make it a place where you would want to live. Instead you want to create a stunning property that will appeal to all kinds of buyers to ensure that it has a wider reach. Your home shouldn’t be as personal as your signature fragrance (like Citrus Peony from Dossier which is inspired by Blooming Bouquet Dior perfume), although scents really can help your home to feel inviting.

 Nordic-style bedroom

Top home staging practices

One of the difficult things about staging is understanding what is and isn’t personal to you and defining the aspects that will be more widely accepted. Doing this will need a blend of interior design principles and marketing psychology to ensure that every single space within the home is both functional and welcoming. Let’s take a look at the top ways to stage at home right now:

Declutter and clean

The very first thing you can do when staging a home is declutter and clean. Start with decluttering; collect, box up and then put items into storage that may be considered clutter. Think about any loose paperwork, seasonal clothes, hobby items, toys and even expired foods within your cupboards. The aim is to create as much storage space as you can around your home. Next, give everything a thorough clean (make sure you include dusting the ceilings, wiping down walls and paying attention to all of the nooks and crannies). A clean house tells buyers that not only is it looked after, but that the house was likely to have been well-maintained in the time that you owned it. Cleanliness often subliminally equals newness when home buyers are making their rounds.

A fresh focus 

It won’t hurt to make your home smell as fresh as possible, but there are other ways to add freshness to the spaces available. Remove any visible signs of pets, as things like bedding can give buyers the wrong message about dust and dander, be sure to bring in some plush foliage and place beautiful plants on windowsills and shelves (be careful not to add too much clutter, however) and don’t forget to utilise a fresh coat of neutral paint wherever necessary to ensure that everything is fresh to all the senses.

Define function

One of the best ways to will really help buyers to envision themselves within your home is to clearly define each room. This means that if you have a junk room, clear it out and turn it into a small office. If you have unused basement or attic space, you could turn it into an entertainment room, a laundry room, or anything in between to help showcase its wider potential.

These are our top tips for home staging, so why not make your home shine and earn you a pretty penny today?